Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VICTIMS - Devide and Conquer CD

Details: Third full length from Sweden's Victims. They flawlessly mix my early 80's American hadcore and Swedish crust. This record rises to the challenge of mixing two such potent styles with great vigor. Really hot memorable riffs and smoking guitar work from Jon Lindqvist (also of Accursed, Nasum, Saayadina etc) and Johan's vocals sound like he has been gargling with napalm. Like a lot of the first wave of LPs from hardcore bands in the early ‘80s. In 1981 you had this wave of great raw and fast 7"s from the new hardcore bands. By 1984 most of these bands had developed their style and developed enough songs for a full length and had the experience to enter a quality studio and record a solid and memorable LP. Victims on this release have reached a point where skill and experience have culminated in one totally raging track after another, without changing their sound, selling out or crossing over.

Price: 7 euro
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