Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RUNNIN RIOT - Reclaim The Street CD

Details: "...Holy shit! This disc pummels me into submission!!
Punk drunk rock from Belfast Ireland, here on American soil to beat the snot out of the pansies like Blink 182. Skinhead (not racist, repeat not ignorant close minded racist), "Oi" punk that is similar to The Sex Pistols, The Clash, layered with The Expoited; a tasty piece of cake. Great songs include 'Alcoholic Hreoes', 'Drunk and Disorderly', 'Rock 'n' Sellout, and 'Right to Fight'. Plus a bonus live gig at the Warzone Centre in Belfast.
Great old school style punk rock for a new generation of clueless punk kids. This disc was so good, that I recommended it to my mom, two weeks later she was strapping up the boots and was stomping around the house in a circle. Breaking furniture, shaking her fist, with a can of PBR in her hand, she had Runnin' Riot cranked and was singing off key very loudly. Hey, if it works for my mom, then how can y'all go wrong? Go order Runnin' Riot and start lacing up the boots for the disorderly conduct that will result from listening to this disc...". (Slugmag)

Price: 7 euro
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