Tuesday, March 8, 2011


DISGUST - The Horror Of It All...
Details: Disgust have been around the block a few times now, releasing records on both Earache and Nuclear Blast. Disgust play a brutal mix of crust/grind, hardcore and swedish thrash. Their sound just kicks you in the teeth and never lets up for the course of the 17 tracks on here, really brutal stuff. Overall if you like stuff like Disrupt, Benumb, Discharge, Otophobia, Word Salad.. all of the crusty grinding stuff, you're going to love this. Disgust simply destroy, highly recommended!
Price: 7 euro

END OF ALL - The Art Of Decadence CD
Details: Abba aside, End Of All encompasses all the best parts of Scandinavian hardcore/metal. If you liked their first album “Same Shit But Different” you’re going to love this one. And for those of you who haven’t been graced by the auditory enlightenment that is End Of All, think Skitsystem meets Wolfbrigade/Wolfpack meets At The Gates. Every song on this album works on multiple levels. The first track “The Age of the Serpents” blew me away. It starts off with a dark and melodic acoustic intro, then explodes into a melodic Swedish death metal intro...
Price: 7 euro

Details: 17 new tracks from Sweden's master of d-beat kang ra punk. This is pure raging d-beat raw punk in the Scandinavian tradition. Their best stuff down to the present day.
Price: 7 euro