Thursday, March 10, 2011

AGAINST EMPIRE - The Ones Who Bear The Scars...CD

Details: This Los Angeles crust-punk band offers up a nice package with an 8 page booklet and a large political poster to boot. The music is heavy, dismal, rhythmic and powerful with a sound that is part crust, part metal and part Scandinavian. Duel screaming vocals and political lyrics. I am surprised that this LP hasn’t gotten more notice. It is well done, and the politics are what you would expect from this sort of anti-capitalist crust band. Perhaps Against Empire lacks originality. Their sound and message is predictable and they will never win any awards for originality, but that can be said of most countless bands. Against Empire offer up a solid political crust record that they can be proud of. (HEARTATTACK)

Price: 7 euro
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