Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CODE 13 - Discography 1994-2000 CD

Details: This is one of the most brutal, revolutionary and independent bands ever. This cd is a complete discography, and even has a gay bonus track that was never released. If you have never heard of Code 13 they are fronted by Felix Havoc who founded Havoc Rex. If you have never heard of Havoc Rex then fuck you, because it is one of the most pioneering labels in the Hardcore/thrash/powerviolence section of music. Code 13 are now broken up, but this cd captures them at every stage in their existance. They play some hardcore, some thrash some of everything, and do it pretty goddamned good too. So check this cd out because you will get a taste of one of the most inspiring bands ever.

Price: 7 euro
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