Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Wankys "The Very Best of Hero The Wankys" CD

Details: This is English version of Gai and Confuse. Track consist new LP and the EP.
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: 1 copies left

BSR: PROJECT HOPLESS "Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik" CD

Details: Our new releases project between 4 label.
PROJECT HOPLESS "Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik" CD
An A//E political hardcore raw punk from Malmo Sweden.
With touch of fast Swedish HC tradition and d-beat here in the digital format and 12 page booklet. Comes with 2 extra bonus tracks that not available on vinyl version.
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: mail us

The Black blood world / Eskatol 12"

Details: This is the first release from Bombs away records, Nakkeskudd Plater and Fysisk format. 15 tracks of raging hardcore punk, mixed with everything from grind to punk. Even though the bands are quite new, the people involved has history from bands such as Summon The Crows, Amok and others. Released in cooperation with bombs away records and fysisk format. 500 copies pressed.
Have a look: /
Price: 8 euros
Availibility: 5 copies

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh Shit They're Going To Kill US s/t LP

Thrash and crossover, leaning towards the metal side of things including twin lead guitar playing and solos. Lots of DRI worship, and I even saw a video of the band where they were all wearing DRI shirts while doing a DRI cover. On the other tracks there is a NWOBHM influence, and it reminds me a lot of METALLICA demo tracks. They set themselves apart from a lot of the other thrash bands these days with twin lead guitar parts that remind me a lot more of IRON MAIDEN than thrash, which is a compliment. When I first heard thrash back in the '80s, the first thing that grabbed me was the comedy and silliness. I loved the mix of political/social lyrics spewed along with the jokes, fun, and six-packs. These guys carry on that tradition. "Some people don't believe vivisection to be a disturbing behavior/ What if those needles were prod into the skin of your savior?" Skateboards, werewolves, drugs, and thrash!!!! (MH) MRR
Price: 8 euro
Avaibility: 2 copies

Nuclear Death Terror - Demos EP

Another semi official of NDT track on 7". 4 track taken form the demo tape and put into this wax. This is last copies that i get from the label.
Price: 4 euro
Availibility: SOLD OUT

Acrostix - Truth Turned Gray With Justice Ltd EP

Details: This is Limited version of the EP. Comes with silkscreen cover. Transparent/gray vinyl.
Amebix fans take note.
Price: 4 euro
Availibility: SOLD OUT

Roxor s/t Tape

Details: Slovakian crusties play d-beat/crust kinda style. Imagine Totalitar, Doom, (old)Extreme Noise Terror!! ! 11 tracks include 1 Framtid cover.
Price: 3 euro
Availibility: 9 copies
Thanx to Matus to send one Slovakian beer in the package!!! cheers!!

DKV - Nace, Crece, Mata, Muere LP

Spanish powercrust meets D-beat! Features members of SINERGIA playing their best work ever! Incredible fast oldschool punkcrust raw and non-stop!! Good lyrics talking about world problems, war,etc… Sounds like Disrupt meets Extreme Noise Terror!!
Price: 9 euro
Availibility: 3 copies