Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RAPPA - The Still Gray Future MC

Details: Distorted Hardcore Punk from Japan. Ex-GOUKA. This tape consist 18 tracks. Limited pressed just for their Singapore/Malaysia Tour

Price: 4 euro
Availability: mail us

DISASTER - embroidred patch

Details: Licensed from the band member.
Size: H: 6 cm - W: 10.5 cm
Price: 5 euro

**white patch are out of stock


Details: Singaporean bone crushing AMEBIX/BLACK UNIFORM inspired metallic crust!! 9 tracks total consist one AMEBIX's I.C.B.M.

Price: 4 euro
Availability: mail us (few copies left)

OSMANTIKOS - Dare To Rise java Tour 2013 MC

Details: Malaysian D-beat Hardcore in vein of Tragedy, Wolfbrigade and Skitsystem. This their pre-discography cassette. This release made only for their Indonesia tour in 2013. 22 tracks total taken from their previous released and plus one new tracks. Perfect and intense recording. 5 star!!

Price: 4 euro
Availability: mail us