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Details: 2nd press!!

"Dopethrone": an album you're either going to love or hate. The music is fundamentally influenced by marijuana, stemming from an altered state of mind where reality becomes timeless and introspective, where the world as we normally see it is changed and perceived anew. It's probably not absolutely necessary to have indulged in that particular drug to understand the primal power of this release, but it surely does not hurt. Whatever the truth may be, some people will simply never 'get it'; it will always be to them a simplistic mess devoid of any merit. Nevertheless, I will attempt to explain.

This is bludgeoning stoner doom, a simple exercise in slow and crushing riffs that roll slowly out one after the other in a wall of noise. "Dopethrone" is a complete regression, disappearing back beyond the dawn of metal, into the crust of an age past where all that existed was an ancient slime. Taking the huge, dark, blues-influenced riffs of early Black Sabbath as a starting point - the sound of metal still unformed - Electric Wizard detune several steps further, all the while amping up the distortion to absurd levels.

And the riffs! These riffs are not just riffs, but looming statements of elemental force; rudimentary in their simplistic and primal groove, operating on the instinctive level rather than the cerebral. The sweeping grandeur of music like the opening to "Funeralopolis" is addictive, finding the deepest part of us and expressing a profound and epic emotion that is difficult to express. It can be hard to accept music so apparently ugly, slow and basic, but once the listener is able to open this door the magic is immediately apparent. To tell the truth, these are not just riffs, a mere part of the music; the music IS the riff in a way that no other band have ever managed. These monstrous things simply dominate the entire soundscape with a greedy lack of concern for parsimony or restraint, vast and imperious. Normal riffs, as would be found on any normal album - a mere part of a greater whole as they inevitably are - become pathetic and meaningless next to this ultimate power. Songs? Ha! Such trivial concepts hold no water here; the riff is the alpha and the omega, bowing to nothing in this music. They do not serve the compositions; instead, pieces are built around and entirely based on letting the riffs flow forth without haste, be they mighty crushing monoliths or sludgy, quiet selections of sombre menace. Only when the riffs cease may other elements of composition be permitted to exist; a drone, toneless noise, hanging in the air like the primordial soup from which all music is formed.

Seeming to emerge from the oozing mass at the dawn of life itself, crushed under the weight of eons, vocals hiss forth - a distorted and echoing scream buried in the cavernous mass of the riffage. The crashing drums thunder away, hopelessly unable to support the weight of guitar than falls upon them; smashing, crash-cymbal abuse, ape-like in their bludgeoning primacy. Bass guitar grinds, thick and ropey, a fundamental part of this sound - harmonising, twisting into slow and sludgy fills, or falling upon the root note with a crash. Solos pour out, taking the very concept of this technique and debasing it into a hopeless wail; keening from afar like a lost spirit, droning and lost. Every part of the band contributes to music that can barely be called such, so far has it devolved. And this is all achieved without anything so crass or forced as experimentation; Electric Wizard have simply unleashed what is within us all, ugly and raw.


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WARCRY - Brazillian Tour CD

Details: Crust/d-beat dirty band of Portland that will be on tour in Brazil this year. With members and former members of bands like His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Remains of the Day and Hellshock. With great influence of Discharge and small bits of Motorhead.

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CRUCIFIX – Dehumanization LP

Details: Dehumanization is the only full-length album released by American hardcore punk band Crucifix. Released in 1983, it is today regarded as one of the classic anarcho-punk record.
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HERESY – 1985-87 LP

Details: Heresy is one of the most influential UK Hardcore Punk bands ever to exist. From 1985-1989 the band were one of the leading lights of the rapidly expanding UK scene. Heresy’s back catalogue has been totally re-mastered by Kalv Piper and Steve “Baz” Ballam from the band and “1985-87” is the first of a trilogy of discographies that Boss Tuneage has released (along with Face Up To It and 20 Reasons to End It All). This traces the early formative years of the band, from their previously unreleased 7 song demo tape from 1985 to the debut 6 track “Never Healed” flexi-disc 7”EP and contains the virtually-impossible-to –find 4 song “Thanks” 7” EP. In addition 2 previously unreleased tracks complete the 19 track album. With extensive sleeve notes from Kalv, the repackeged vinyl version (available again for the first time in three years) features tons of never seen before photos, tour posters and lyrics. An absolute must for any fan of Heresy or UK hardcore.

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SLAYER - Def Jam Demo 2 x 7"

Details: Song tittle:
A.Criminally Insane
A.Altar of Sacrifice

B.Jesus Saves

C.Raining Blood

D.Praise Of Death

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ANNAL NATHRAKH – Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here LP

Details: That was my first, awed thought as the last note of Castigation and Betrayal faded and I sat in front of my stereo in the ensuing silence contemplating what I had just heard. My second though was "I love this album!"

Few records can claim to be as chaotic, as brutal, as violent, but at the same time remain as engaging, intriguing and, I dare say, even catchy as this. Anaal Nathrakh are an enigma, a band that can meld a grinding, blasting, shrieking nightmare of a verse with an epic, almost melodic chorus seemlessly. There are things here that, if heard separately, wouldn't seem to have come from the same song, some things you wouldn't normally expect from black metal or grind, yet it all fits together so well.

"Hell Is Empty" begins with an instrumental intro track named Solifugae, after a family of quite hideous and terrifying arachnids. This track serves its purpose well as an intro to what you are about to experience. Forboding and crushingly heavy, it is a song that oozes dreadful, brooding atmosphere, as if to say "The end is nigh!"

From there we are thrown directly into the maelstrom. The songs move with the chaos and destruction of a hurricane, a pure annihilating wave of violence, blasphemy and evil. They range in tempo from fast to lightspeed, though the occasional mid-paced section will appear now and then. The composition and instrumentation are largely built around a blackened and thrash-tinged grind pattern, though virtuosity isn't ignored here and the riffs often take on an epic or catchy sound. The drumming is excellent for programmed stuff. Look out for the use of a machinegun in the song "Until The World Stops Turning."

The vocal work on "Hell is Empty", handled by the appropriately named V.I.T.R.I.O.L is quite varied for such a brutal album. They include high-pitched, fanatic screams, slow grumbles, death growls and clean chants. Unfortunately, the lyrics are unavailable, so I cannot rate them, though what I can make out of the clean sung sections seems very well written.

If you are a fan of grind, black, death or extreme metal in general, this album is a modern essential. If you want unbridled ferocity, you'll love "Hell Is Empty, And All The Devils Are Here.
Guests on this album:
Joe Horvath (Circle of Dead Children)
Dirty Von Donovan (Exploder) - vocals
Shane Embury (Napalm Death) – bass

Price: 20 euro
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DANZIG - Dethred Sabaoth pic LP

Details: Latest Danzig studio album on pic LP.
Price: 25 euro
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Details: Release on 1992 as a EP, this LP consists studio tracks and live tracks!
Price: 19 euro
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DISMEMBER - Like An Everflowing Stream DBLP

Details: 1991 album repress on 180gm coloured double vinyl.
Price: 25 euro
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OV HELL - The Underworld Regime DBLP

Details: Out of Norway's biggest and darkest metal bands rises Ov HELL. This group of Satan’s all-stars has been sharpening their teeth in some of black metal's most influential bands for many years. Known as key figures in bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Gorgoroth, Shagrath and King have come together to bring forward a new chapter in Norwegian black metal history.
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Details: Release on 2004, one of the great black metal records ever.
Price: 25 euro
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Details: This debut EP from Tokyo crust metal krusher!! Some info this is the only EP been recorded, after releasing MCD last year. Musical type if you like AGE, EFIGGY and ACROSTIX this records probably will make you happy. There is also some British old metal AXEGRINDER influence in the music as well.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Details: Australian debut raw punk attack! Consist members of PISSCHRIST. All sang in Swedish! It’s a must for fans of old Swedish HC!!
Price: 5 euro
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Details: Raw distorted madness from GBG!! Much influence from Japanese crust/noise scene.
Because this records made in Sweden there is still smell of Swedish sounds!
Fans of CONFUSE,GAI, MEANWHILE, old-DISFEAR will love this!
Price: 15 euro
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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Details: Madrid’s Looking For and Answer, ideological kindred to Cattle Decapitation, suffer from the same conundrum with their “Animal Liberation, Human Extinction” motto. If you’re serious, I say extinction begins at home, so lead by example and step in front of a bus.

Luckily, these grindcore conquistadors, featuring members of Denak and Unsane Crisis, have yet to go gently into that good night, because their latest 29-minute platter of Terrorizer-basted bunny hugger metal is a meaty slab of medium rare grind.
Lopping off the obligatory intro/outro of squealing pigs being led to the slaughter, Looking for an Answer rage against the impendingPerdición Mundial through 17 songs of breathless, rampaging, grindy goodness.
Though the obligatory high/low vocal interface comes into play, frontman Inaki is perfectly content to let his gut busting grunt do the talking for most of the album, holding the screech in reserve for highlights and texture. And just in case your Espanol no es bueno, LFAA conveniently provide English translations for the rest of us.
The title track’s bass heavy battery recalls the low end crunch of crusty grind forefathers Phobia while “Cada Nacimiento es una Tragedia” and “Ruptura” chug along like early Bolt Thrower on fast forward.
Mixing Carcass’ penchant for provocation, Cattle Decapitation’s ideology and Terrorizer’s execution, Looking for an Answer have pulled together a crisply produced package of grind that would slot neatly next to Insect Warfare or ASRA in any CD collection. And if you see them at a show, don’t invite them out for a burger. – G&P
Price: 7 euro
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PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER – Crushing Fury Of Bastardization CD

Details: P.L.F. stands for Pretty Little Flower. Even if I had to make it up I doubt mine would have been this good. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a connection or relevance between their innocuous band name and the sort of violent music they play. Something however can be inferred from their album name. To spill the beans, it is about the illegitimate marriage of grindcore and thrash metal and probably the fury resulting from the late knowledge of that fact.

Though admittedly bastardized, weak half-assed thrash+core P.L.F.'s music is not. If you don't approve of the fresh combination of old grindcore of respectable acts such as old Unseen Terror, Repulsion and Terrorizer and aggressive thrash of old Kreator, Tankard and Slayer, then surely you must be an aching bastard yourself. Grindcore of late has become repetitive and sonic speed no longer guarantees thrills. Using a shredding thrash approach to the grinding madness is not only refreshing, but it also lends to it an old school charm that you would associate with uncontrollable fun and good-natured panic. In effect, however, only the riffing style of speed/thrash metal is utilised, deriving from it just the required edge. It is not necessarily because of their minute-long song lengths that the elaborate structures, hooks and breakdowns of that genre do not really come into play; the music is way too fast and chaotic for all that: it is nearly blur-paced and headache-inducing noisy. Woefully, it also buries the roared vocals. If I had a time machine, I would specially take this CD with me back to the ‘80s and make the thrash fans in particular listen to it just to see the priceless expression on their faces.

There are a couple of covers of fine bands like Denak and Doom, and also an intro from an Unseen Terror song. As a bonus (I wouldn't like to call it filler), they have provided some of the split EP material with bands like Needful Things and Mesrine, songs 14-17 having a rawer and heavier sound. Live tracks have also been provided and for once they actually contribute to the value of the disc. The sound is clear and reasonably powerful, the songs are played with energy, emphasis is given to the catchy parts or so it seems, and the crowd is enjoying it. Result: good times.

With P.L.E. blurring the boundaries between the two genres, it may take a while for the traditionalists to get accustomed to their music, for they might feel the qualities of thrash genre in particular and what it all stood for getting molested; but if one is fond of chaos, as he should rightfully be, he should adapt to it quickly. Furthermore, the issue is not so much with the melding being lopsided as it is with the possibility of a better incorporation of the structures and execution of breakdowns of the lesser genre. Then again, if these maniacs want to grind with the fervour of thrash to smash skulls and furniture, so be it.
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MASSGRAVE – 5 Years Of Grinding Crust Core CD

Details: Releases on one CD. Their first ep "Survival of the Richest", their LP "People are the Problem", and split 7"s with Global Holocaust, Poser Disposer, Pretty Little Flower and Warfair? Massgrave play a brutal blend of early 90's style crust-core, and early death grind, often compared to Extreme Noise Terror and old Napalm Death.

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Details: Time to crustgrind! The Swedes of Splitter and the Dutchies of F.UB.A.R. have decided to join each other in their quest for musical mayhem by releasing a split album together. In crust we trust!

Kicking in with eight Splitter tracks, the tone is set for destruction. Nasty violent and fast crusty grind tracks rip away with ferocious force and a typical Swedish sound. Names like Sayyadina and even Nasum come to mind while listening to this, only this is even more intense which is mainly caused by the extreme production. This stuff really rips away like hell and leaves the listener craving for more.
And more is offered, in the shape of no less than twelve F.U.B.A.R. tracks ready to smash your face in. Even crustier than the band before, they go at it with their three vocal attack and collection of poeka and blastbeats. The songs have a nice swing to it, guaranteed to get any shithole filled with crusties on the move. Dance you maniacs!
Personally I like the grind songs from Splitter a bit more, but the F.U.B.A.R. tracks can surely not be underrated as far as I’m concerned. This split record is a good addition to the collection of any crust and grindcore fan.

Price: 7 euro
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WHO’S MY SAVIOUR – The Glasgow Smile CD

Details: Germany´s Who’s My Saviour with their first full length. They play a fierce mix of crust punk, straight-up grindcore and dark metal hardcore. That is very savage both lyrically and musically. And came with emo violence´s vocals!!!

Price: 7 euro
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MESRINE – Unidentified CD

Details: As a general rule, Mesrine don't really do albums. In true underground style, they've unleashed a glut of EPs and splits but "Unidentified" is only their third full length in a decade of existence. Thus, the release qualifies as something of an event for followers of the eight-legged Quebec grind machine. Well, I can safely say that fans of both the band and the genre will not be disappointed with these 14 new odes to slashing and killing.

As ever with murderous grindcore, there's an underlying sense of humour running through the work. The lyrics of 'Sociopathic Worm', for example, brought a particularly huge grin to my face. Damn, even my boring, characterless, everyday sap of a next-door neighbour could be a serial killer when he's not mowing his lawn or putting out his bins or being such a mundane fucker... Mesrine's music is like a less-processed, sample-less version of Mortician. More grind than gore, though. Fairly standard stuff, in fairness, but the subgenre is painfully restricted and Mesrine fit it like a forensic glove.
Price: 7 euro
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HAEMORRHAGE – Heamatology CD

Details: You'll need more than a tourniquet to stop the unrelenting flow of this cock-on Grindcore, bounding along with sick groove and suffering from none of the slop found sloshing in the sluices of some of their mortuary fixated fellows, this hits the mark like a skull tap.

Seeing as the tracklist reads like a mad mortician's manual, HAEMORRHAGE thankfully play it straight with humour managed to the morbid level common amongst the attendants to such exploratory practices. Spanning a 10 year period, it is gratifying to note the consistency from start to finish, you can skip from any one track to any other and you would be pushed to find any difference in quality.

It all kicks off in bone shattering fashion as the band seek to loosen the contents of your bowel, baggy trousers are an essential here to save embarrassment. All cylinders are firing and that Punk edge that is a pre-requirement for the best Grind is present in all its tab-slapping glory, fleet as these tracks may be, speed is never the prime mover, the crunch comes first. Of course, most of the faecal fodder here is delivered at pace and every now and then a squirt of nitrous is added to the mix, “Postnecrotical Slaughter” being a case of hyper slash'n'dash. These tracks progress with the menace of a pack of pit-bulls, whatever the tempo, fangs are showing and if you can't see them it's because they're now buried in your leg.

All the ferocity of the guitar would fall as flat as a multi-storey carpark divers face if it wasn't for the pummel and pound of the drums and the tanking bass. The drums run the gamut of speedy styles from the 1,2,1,2, gallop of yore to full on blasting, nothing takes precedence and that all important catchiness prevails like the smell of decomposition at the back of your sinuses after a whiffy post mortem. Similarly, the bass is made of girders and carries much of the groove as it runs over your feet, squishing your toes to pulp. Together the percussive force presents an anvil hard face to the music, where some of the Gore obsessed can't help but snigger at their in-jokes or over the top subject matter, HAEMORRHAGE convince as a serious proposition without coming over as po faced.

This compilation demonstrates that you can have fun, even when you shouldn't. The majority of these songs have a greater degree of infectiousness than some of the ailments described in their titles. Just to make sure that you realise that you can enjoy yourself, the relatively jaunty “Zu Atrapatu Arte” skips from the shed like a lamb off to the slaughterhouse. Of course, there still needs to be an air of unpleasantness about this CD, particularly given the topic covered, enter the vocals stage left then. A full on sneering growl tinged with a sense of derangement provides a perfect accompaniment to the reek of the music, frequently accosted by the swamp monster and his rabid cousin, the vocals serve the pathology well.

Not much to complain about then. At over 72 minutes long, the album flows freely until the end, there are no clotting agents at all. HAEMORRHAGE fling the foetid festering flesh about with abandon and it doesn't matter how much bandaging you apply, the blood runs red.
Price: 7 euro
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SANITYS DAWN – The EP Years & Live Audio Terror CD

Details: SANITYS DAWN – The EP Years & Live Audio Terror CD
The CD contains the tracks from the Split EP's with MAGRUDERGRIND, FUCK ...I AM DEAD, EXHUMED and MECHANICAL SEPERATION and live recordings from the GIANTS OF GRIND FESTIVAL in 2004.
8 & 10: Split with Fuck...I'm Dead
9, 11 & 12: Split with Exhumed
2, 4 & 6: Split with Magrudergrind
1, 3 & 5: Split with Mechanical Seperation
13-33: Live at the 2004 Giants of Grind, Salzgitter GERMANY
Price: 7 euro
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Details: Swedens's regurgitate and the netherlands suppository combine for a split lp of blazing old school grindcore. Both bands with exclusice recordings. Now first time available on CD.
Price: 7 euro
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NAILED DOWN – Perth Wolfpack CD

Details: Features more of a mid-paced, less violent sounding punk style and other tracks dives into more of a faster paced, thrashy punk noise vibe.
Price: 7 euro
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LAUTSTURMER – Depopulator CD

Details: When musicians best known for one particular, straight-ahead brand of their chosen genre bash out another project in the field, there's little obvious joy to be had, often more of the same with diminished returns - like an over Xeroxed show flyer where the letters are running together. Yet just as Extreme Noise Terror's bellowing ox Dean Jones returns to his d-beat infancy with the rebooted and reinvigorated Raw Noise, eaking out unpretentious, no-holds-barred thrills from oversubscribed territory, two former and one current member of Swedish metallic crust heavyweights Driller Killer are doing exactly the same with Lautstürmer.

Their debut album proper following a super limited, five-track 7”/cassette, 'Depopulator's twelve tracks of rousing gutterpunk rebellion are competent and cranked from the heart, yet if that feels a bit back handed, it's because it is. What lifted Raw Noise's recent full-length return, the white hot rager that was 'System Never', up from being merely one of a dozen of that week's effortlessly listenable d-beat discharges was the immitable vocal rock fall of the bleached blonde one, a blunt pile-up of vowels and spittal like a violent curbstomp on the eardrums. Without that, Lautstürmer are just another of that week's effortlessly listenable d-beat discharges, and another bunch of Swedish cider-garglers raging impotently through the proscribed means, taking us neatly through to the bittersweet state of playing d-beat in 2010: nearly impossible to fuck up and nearly impossible to do anything exciting with. Unless you're Dean Jones and there's an angry bison lodged in your throat, obviously. TERRORIZER

Price: 7 euro
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Details: "From what I gather LAPINPOLTHAJAT formed in Lapland region of Finland over ten years ago, but this is their first release. They play classic sounding Finnish hardcore in the vein of LAMA and APPENDIX. Now understand that I..d never throw those comparisons lightly, but it..s undeniable that LAPINPOLTHAJAT has the sound down. All the songs contain tense verses that build up into grandiose, sing-a-long choruses, guitarwork that is bright and catchy, a bass sound that is raw and abusive, and to the top it off the vocalist has heaps of charisma. These songs will sound awesome all year-round; got a dark and ugly undercurrentt to compliment the bleakness of winter, but they also have enough hooks to be the soundtrack at your next summer BBQ. If a fan of classic Finnish sound, or catchy hardcore in general, you must track down this 7". (CI)" MRR

Track list

01. Tervetuloa Suomeen
02. Paskaduunissa
03. Download
04. Perheväkivaltahommat
05. Pakko Päästä Bailaan
06. Ihmispedot
07. Naapuri Vai Terroristi?
08. Kunnialaukaukset
09. Virhe
10. Oikea Lääkitys

Bonus tracks from LP sessions
11. Pikkukussat
12. Pelkomarkkinointi

Taken from 7" E.P
13. Kokoomus
14. Syvemmälle Pimeään
15. Mun Mielipide
16. Jos Uskot
17. Aaltis

Taken from OX Compilation CD #82
18. Vitun Intellektuelli
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NEGATIVE INSIGHT zine Interview w/ Sacrilege, Disaster, Varukers

Details: Negative Insight zine #1 is now out. This is the debut issue dedicated to British hardcore with lengthy interviews with The Varukers, Sacrilege, and Disaster. This issue features previously unpublished photos of Varukers, Sacrilege, and Concrete Sox, highlights of some of our favorite UK HC records, a bit of politics, and some Cold War propaganda among other features. 28 pages total full size of black and white, cut 'n paste professionally printed hardcore. Zine is also accompanied by a live set of both Sacrilege (1986) and Disaster (1991) in CDrs. Comes in a poly bag.
Price: 7 euro
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Monday, November 1, 2010

ANTI SYSTEM – Defence Of The Realm EP

Details: This came out on Pax Recordsin 1983, and became a big selling 7”. With the 1st single on record they only did. Repress for the 1st time in 27 years, its back a raw hardcorepunk sound.
Price: 6 euro
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HELLHAMMER – Triumph Of Death 2 x EP

Song tittle:
A.Execution when hells near
B.Metallic Storm
B.Power of Satan
C.Blood insanity
D.Triumph of death

Price: 12 euro
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