Sunday, October 30, 2011

DISCHARGE – Propaganda Feeds EP

Details:This is exclusive released for their recently Japan Tour 2011. Powerful riffing, great solo, pounding hard Discharge beat, Rat vocals no too disappointed on both tracks. Listen this over and over again. The best DISCHARGE tracks to date. 45rpm, 1000 only pressed!

Price: 11.50 euro (everything from Japan
are expensive)
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SKIZOPHRENIA – This fucking Skizophrenia still raped ass EP

Details: The future is in our hands! Here comes 2nd ep of Japanese great treasure Skizophrenia from Tsuyama punk city. It’s put out for 1st ep in 3 years and half. They’ve affected to all over Japanese punk scene and tour bands from overseas by their various ideas, energy, culture, food and drink. it’s like the eye of punk typhoon in here you will know what a great bands/place in such a country side. it’s meaningless to mention the band names for their sound, if it has to say dawn of hardcore punk early 80’s intense raw punk, eat and puke these UK82’/Finland/Sweden bands. Bristles, Kohu-63, Nukketeatteri, Appendix etc…This is just name of Raw Punk E.A.T.E.R.!

Catchy guitar riff, roaring bass line, raw drumming as hell that sound like 80’s “cardboard drumming” melodious screaming shouts for our future that nowhere to go. Full of 4parts originality will attack to your heart and light up for tomorrow!

Price: 9 euro
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

: 慟哭 7" /NEMESIS : Dou-Koku 7"

Details: Hailing from Fukuoka, Japan, NEMESIS is a young band taking cues from UK hardcore punk (EXTREME NOISE TERROR, CHAOS UK) but played with the speed and intensity of early WARHEAD/NIGHTMARE, with an underlying twist that brings homemates KURO to mind ! Agresive vocals, gang choruses, noisy guitars and intense drumming : This band carries on the tradition of Japanese Hardcore. Pure and raw energy ! 4 songs.

Price: 6.50 euro
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