Wednesday, March 9, 2011

THE SKEPTIX – Hate and Fear CD

Details:When UK punk-metallers The Skeptix split up in 1984, they had actually already demoed all the material for their planned second album which never had chance to germinate into a proper record because guitarist Fish joined Discharge (and then went on to play in Demon for many years). Now back together and sounding better than ever, ‘Hate And Fear’ is the long-overdue realisation of that aborted follow-up to their ‘So The Youth’ debut. And if it’s abrasive crossover you like this will definitely float your boat, because The Skeptix were championing the cause of speed metal guitars in punk rock right alongside those original pioneers such as Broken Bones and the English Dogs. And because it was all written twenty years ago but only recorded recently, you have the pleasure of an authentic Eighties punk record enjoying the benefits of a kick-ass production and mature musicianship. A must-have for fans of the genre. (Ian Glsper)

Price: 8 euro
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