Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DISARM - Discography 82-87 DBL LP

Details: Ra-punk in vein of Anticimex, S.O.D, Mob 47, Kaaos..

SIDE A: 1-4 Domd EP, 5-8 Regeringstoda Mord EP
SIDE B: 1-6 Last Studio Recording, 7 Demo version, 8-9 Really fast
SIDE C: 1-5 Demoversion, 6-8 Live, Jarva Folketspark, Stokholm 15/6 1986
SIDE D: 1-7 Live, Brikagarden, Stokholm 25/10 1986

Nice gatefold jacket.

Price: 20 euro
Availability: SOLD OUT

DISARM - Discography 82-87 Digi CD

Details: Ra-punk in vein of Anticimex, S.O.D, Mob 47, Kaaos..

1-4 Domd EP,
5-8 Regeringstoda Mord EP
9-14 Last Studio Recording,
15 Demo version,
16-17 Really fast 3 Comp.
18-22 Demoversion,
23-25 Live, Jarva Folketspark, Stokholm 15/6 1986
26-32 Live, Brikagarden, Stokholm 25/10 1986

Comes with hard cardboard sleeves and booklet.

Price: 11 euro
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ISKRA - Bureval Digi CD

Details: Second full-lenght for those canadian punx. Ripping, fast and brutal black metal influenced by the Norse school (Immortal above all) mixed with crust
The CD is called "Bureval" and includes a full-colour digipack with 28-page booklet. About half of the ten songs on the album deal with
history of anarchism and resistance in Russia.

Iskra is a Canadian crust band that has leaned heavily black metal in the past, and is apparently focusing on the black metal aspect of their music even more in this recent release. The band takes its name from a Soviet newspaper, and is often brought up when people discuss the Red and/or Anarchist Black Metal scene. This album is just as furious and thrashy as the self-titled album, but I think I like this new one better, particularly since this drumming and a few of the riffs would fit in with any pvre kvlt Norwegian black metal band.
Price: 8 euro
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NEXT VICTIMS - This Moment Of Silence Before The Storm CD

Details: Atmospheric tunes born somewhere between masterpiece created by Neurosis & Jarboe with conglomerate of crusty sludge core and dark ambient noises.

Price: 7 euro
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ANAEROBA - Over The Walls And Borders CD

Details: ANAEROBA was and is influenced and inspired by bands like AMEBIX, ANTISECT, liege crust, old UK and Scotish peace punk/crust bands. Bands like Deviated Instinct, Sacrilege, Dissafect, Sedition, Health Hazard... realy fast music or just dark and hard - influenced by realy loads of other shit going up in this world. We were always and are still strongly supporting animal liberation, as animal abuse and non equality toward animals and fellow humans is the worst crime of hu-mankind. The capitalist greed machine...there's alot to say about. And by punk life we live. Cd comes with 8 pages booklet.

Price: 7 euro
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RAMONES - Tributo To A Ramones CD

Details: 20 Mexican band played tribute to legandary pop punk RAMONES.. hey ho lets go!!!
Price: 7 euro
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Details: 2 new amazing songs by Copenhagens The Assassinators: a bit more Iron Maiden meets Bad Religion as their older releases. Now they team up on this split EP with one of my favourite japanese bands! D.S.B. are play radical japanese hardcore punk!. D.S.B. channel their anger and disappointment into this very aggressive release. There is a more harmonized vocal approach on this release, which is a departure from their shouted deliveries on past releases. Not to worry you diehards, these harmonies will stick to your ribs!

Price: 4.50 euro
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Details: Stockholm's Martyrdöd hits you like a freight train at full speed. They've been described as a black metal-influenced version of WOLFBRIGADE and I can't think of a more accurate comparison. It's heavy and D-beat-driven yet retains a sense of dark/cold melodies. Total destruction! Political, social and personal thought are dealt with in the lyrics. 12 sonx of brutal metallic crust. The LP comes in a very nice gatefold and printed sleeve.
Price: 13 euro
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Details: Official repress! Remastered and with 2 unreleased trax!!!! A band whose name truly encapsulates their sound, Extreme Noise Terror formed in January 1985 and were signed by Manic Ears Records after their first ever gig. Their debut release was a split album with Chaos U.K., and although there were musical similarities, ENT, along with Napalm Death, were already in the process of twisting traditional punk influences into altogether different shapes. All the conventions of crust are played out on this release: simple, punky riffs, fast d-beat drumming, and shout/screeching vocals. The songs are short, the songs are simple, the songs are just fast, more distorted punk music when you get down to it. Limited edition of 1250 copies!

Price: 13 euro
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IRON MAIDEN - Somewhere In Time LP

Details: Somewhere In Time LP (red vinyl + embroided patch)

Its a Greece pressing, all tittle in Greek.

Price: 18 euro
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METALLICA - Ride The Lightning Demo LP

Details: Ride The Lightning demo LP

1.Trapped Under Ice
2.Fight Fire With Fire
3.Creeping Death
4.Ride The Lightning

1.Fade To Black
2.For Whom The Bell Tolls

3.When Hell Freezes over (ktulu)

Price: 15 euro
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VENOM - Deadline Demo 86 LP

Details: Great demos from this legendary! Sounds more metal/punk!!
Track list:



Price: 15 euro
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HELLHAMMER - Death Fiend Demos LP

Details: HELLHAMMER - Death Fiend LP

side 1:
1. maniac
2. angel of destruction
3. hammerhead
4. bloody pussies

side 2:
1. death fiend
2. dark warriord
3. chainsaw
4. ready for slaughter
5. sweet torment

Price: 15 euro
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Details: 8 new tracks from pioneer swedish d-beat vs new but long time in the scene Warvictims. Uncurbed continued their tradition with swedish d-beat hardcore with great rythm and structure, while Warvictims played as everybody know d-takt kang at its best!!

**Comes with CD only available from BLACK SEEDS!!!

Price: with CD 15 euro, without CD 12 euro
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Details: S.O.B. are japanese pioneers and precursors of grindcore and thrashcore. The group debuted in 1986 with the single Leave Me Alone. In 1990, S.O.B. found international recognition with their split EP with the british band Napalm Death, who are also pioneers of this genre with bands like Terrorizer and mostly Repulsion. This record is a compilation incl. rare studio-tracks from the 80's from these Japanese thrash-core giants. Limited white vinyl!!
Price: 15 euro
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

BSR021: FREDAG DEN 13:E - Under Iskalla Fanor CD

Details: This is one of my favourite coming out of Sweden after Warvictims. 13 tracks full of Swedish D-beat Hardcore with rockn’roll touch. Compare to Kontrovers and Victims, and vocal part reminds me of Thomas Lindberg when they sang with Disfear. Rocking and riffing near to Wolfpack style. But this 13 tracks consist no Tragedy-ish plucking guitar between the song or intro. All fast and aggressive. This is the bands that give a new breath in Swedish Hardcore scene. Play it everyday and you know what I mean. No fucking regret!! Comes with 36 x 36 cm layout sleeves.
Price: 8 euros
Availability: Ask for w/sale and single order.

BSR020: HAAVA/AVFALL split EP (Mailorder Version Ltd 100))

Details: This one is a limited version that only available from BLACK SEEDS REC.
Comes with different cover jacket and obi strip with hand numbered. Limited to 100 copies. Order limit 2 copies per-person.
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: mail us

BSR020: HAAVA/AVFALL split EP (Normal version)

Details: After long delay fuck up by shipping problem here the great Tokyo crusties from hell.

The original release from tape that out of print from last year. We decided to put out on vinyl since this release should or must be release on vinyl format. Both bands hailing from Tokyo.
HAAVA played sort of 80’ Finnish Hardcore, they really put their old type influence on the tracks. With Japanese accent mix with Finnish shouting style and the drum beat that gonna make ya go mad.
AVFALL take other side with more Swedish Hardcore style. Think BOMBANFALL, SKITLICKERS and ANTI BOFORS mix together. Because they are from Japan, the sound are more distorted and raw. Both bands recorded at Noise Room where KRIEGSHOG recorded their 1
st EP that become most demanding records in crusty hardcore scene.
Price: 5 euro
Availability: Ask for w/sale and single order.


Details: Japanese influence from Disarm, Avskum, Anticimex, S.O.D, etc. because of they are Japanese the sound more to bit dirty and more crustier!! This is 1st pressing that delay due to shipping problem. At last delivered at Black Seeds HQ. If you like 1st pressing vinyl get it now!
Price: 6 euro
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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Details: Hurry up! One copy each tittles.
Price: 12.50 euro
DISFEAR - Misanthropic Generation CD
NASUM - Doombringer CD
NASUM - Helvete CD
NASUM - Shift CD
NASUM - Human 2.0 CD
NEUROSIS - A Sun That Never Set CD
TOXIC HOLOCAUST - An Overdose Of Death CD
LENG TCH'E - Marasmus CD
LENG TCH'E - Process of Elimination CD
GADGET - Remote CD
GADGET - The Funeral March CD

Price: 11 euro
DYING FETUS - Descend Into Depravity CD
SUFFOCATION - Despise The Sun CD

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Details: Well i’m not really into grindocore, the only bands that I really into are Nasum, Napalm Death and Rotten Sound, but this records prove me wrong. I think this is the best grind records of ’09. And one of the top 10 best released of the year. Totally gore grind and will melt your face. Productions is top notch and crushing than previous album. Guitars are super heavy and the vocals are ultra low bellowing alongside high pitch screams. You will love this if you like Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Mumakil, Leng Tech’e, Captain Cleanoff, old Carcass and Napalm Death. If you like ultra brutal grindcore than this is for you. Records are in gatefold coloured sleeves, 180gm vinyl, hand numbered and what more do you want? Limited to 400 worldwide!!
Price: 14 euro
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Friday, June 4, 2010


Details: Both bands come from Italy this split is new release.
Cancer Spreading deliver two anthems of heavy metallic stenchcore with dual guitar attack, fast beat that sometimes turns to slower yet steady and powerful and deep low growling vocals, the sound quality is excellent, this is a great piece of stenching crust in the vein of Deviated Instinct and old Bolt Thrower. Cruel Storm offer two tracks of raw D-beat that reminds of Anti Cimex and Masskontroll with distorted guitar, yelled/shouted vocals and fast bashing drums, their sound is raw and distorted and delivers the goods. The gory artwork is misleading since this kind of shit is usual in grind/goregrind bands, the record comes in gatefold cover with lyrics (in Italian) for both bands.

Price: 4.50 euro
Availability: mail us


Details: As we know Cancer Spreading are new Italian Alcoholic metal crust in vein of old Hellbastard and old-Bolt Thrower. While Drunkards another Italian crust rockers delivered 2 thrashing and rocking tracks.

Price: 5 euro
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