Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Details: This tour-edition split CD that contains the tracks from APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT's "Armageddon Won't Be Brought By the Gods..." EP (Exist 096) and WARTORN's sold-out "Prey for Salvation" EP (Exist 099.5). A.T.U.'s sound has been compared to a modern day version of NAUSEA with crunching crust-core music and angry female vocals. WARTORN are made up from members of WORDS THAT BURN and CHOOSE YOUR POISON and play a brutally powerful take on Scandinavian crust: something like STATE OF FEAR meets WOLFBRIGADE. These are two of the hardest working / hardest touring bands on Profane Existence Records and such a match up was inevitable. This CD version of their latest EP's was in coincidence with their joint East Coast tour in November 2007 and features all new artwork by Marald. Both bands have plans for full-length releases in 2008 and this is an excellent preview of things to come. Since this CD contains only two EP's worth of material it is lower priced than our normal full-length CDs.

Price: 6 euro
Availability: mail us