Wednesday, March 9, 2011

V/A PUNX UNITE – International Chaos CD

Details: The second in Charged's Punx Unite series gets you some of the best street punk, Oi and hardcore the nations of Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, and the U.S. have to offer. Twenty punch-face tracks from bastards like THE CASUALTIES, ANTIDOTE, PLEE BOYS, DICK SPIKE, VIRUS, CHARGE 69, JINX, WORHATS, BLIND SOCIETY, FUNERAL DRESS, DIE OI GENZ, DISTRAUGHT, UNITED AGAINST SOCIETY, DIPSOMANIE, POXY, ROTTEN BOILS, MASS MURDERERS, CONTAMINATED, MAIN STREET MAYHEM and PESTPOCKEN. Any truly angry fan of the genre will eat this one up.
Price: 7 euro
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