Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Barcode Generations CD

Details: "Drongos For Europe were part of a trio of Birmingham punk bands to begin at the end of the 70's. The other two being GBH and Dead Wretched. GBH as I'm sure you are all aware went on to great success and legendry worldwide punk status, but the Drongos like Dead Wretched were equally great and criminally underexposed and the Drongos between 79 and 90 did a series of 7''s which are all collected on a cd called Return of the Punk Monster but they did not record an album untill they reformed back in 1999 and a couple of years later they released Barcode Generation which was a great success and a classic debut album. This is the follow up which has seen the band improve loads with their songwriting and playing together plus they have become a very busy band with tours of the USA and mainland Europe under their belts." (Punk Shit Records)

Price: 7 euro
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