Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Noise News!

We are close from 22nd to 28th Feb for a short visit to Tokyo.
All email will reply after 29th Feb.
If you go to this gig come and say hi.

There is another good gig on 26th that we keen to come.
26th Feb at EARTHDOM
Inunchu (Erect Mag)
Sonic (Abraham Cross)
BlaqCza(Whateva Muzik)
Cogee (Black Sheep)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Details: New 4 tracks from Swedish crust zombies. This bands consist Jocke from WARVICTIMS, DESPERAT or ELECTRIC FUNERAL on bass. Recorded in Empire Studio and mixed by Pontus Lindroth. You’ll get hight quality crust/d-beat in the vein of Skitsystem, Warvictims and Dodsdomd. The amazing cover art is done by Chris Eliminate. One time press of 500 copies on purple vinyl.

Price: 6 euro
Availability: mail us

CRY HAVOC – A feast For The Crows LP

Details: This is my new favourite band from the UK, after finished listen to the records what can i assume is this records rules!! They throw lots of influence in their music, the flow and the groove of rockn’roll in their music. When the d-beat mixed with stoner/rock riff on the guitar parts make this bands more creative. The solo part all perfect and the low sludgy bass part are brilliant!! Few years ago DISFEAR – Live The Storm LP has prove to the world that punk rock is not only 3 chord things. The punks also can rock the world! Now its time for CRY HAVOC take over! If you big fans of 2 last records from DISFEAR, CRY HAVOC don’t let you down. SOUTHERN LORD and RELAPSE will fight hard to get this band under their radar if they found this records. 10 tracks, recorded in 1in12 Studio and mastered by Bri (DOOM). Comes in gatefold jacket and poster.

Price: 14 euro
Availability: mail us

Monday, February 13, 2012

ROTTEN CADAVER – Hijack Reality LP

Details: Long awaited full length by one of Portland’s most notoriously dysfunctional hardcore bands. Having previously released a 7” which sold-out immediately and received great reviews. Recorded during the short drug filled haze that was the bands existence. These tracks encompass the chaos and energy that was ROTTEN CADAVER. Members from other infamous bands like RELIGIOUS WAR, DEAD SECTION etc. These guys played a solid mix of fast, early Finnish and UK Hardcore with their own unique twist. Jacket drawn by legendary Sugi, with spot UV on font!! Great raw hardcore punk!!
*Limited edition comes with extra screen printed sleeve and coloured vinyl. Ltd 100

Availability: mail us
Regular: 13 euro
Limited Edition: 18 euro


Details: Think quite late to stock this records, but for those just heard about it don’t missed this great noise records of the year! This is the first full length from Portland newest generation of young noise punks!! Noise manic hardcore ala Lebenden Toten, Confuse and Disorder!
Grab this instead of download!

Price: 13 euro
Availability: mail us

DISTURD – Isolation EP

Details: After over 10 years of destroying ears Japanese Disturd’s finally see their 1st release. Here we have 3 tracks of loud blown-out hardcore-punk in the vein of S.D.S, AGE, ZOE, EFFIGGY, ANTISECT and AMEBIX!! Pushing drums and shredding guitars coupled with some truly intense vocals. Super blown-out recording but not in the noisy feed-back way that’s become more popular.
Limited EP comes with extra screen cover art, coloured vinyl.
Limited 200 copies world wide.

Availability: mail us
Regular Edition: 6 euro
Limited Edition: 9 euro

SISTA KRIGET – 8 Tracks Horror EP (Ltd version)

Details: Sista Kriget are Swedish/Aussie collaboration featuring members of Fy Fan and Pisschrist, and given the pedigree of those two bands you likely have high expectations. I dae say they are met here... this one say “KANG” right in the corner and that’s exactly what you get... smashing and crushing, crust hardcore in the Swedish tradition. Old Cimex meets Discharge! A killer EP!!

Price: 10 euro
Availability: mail us