Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Details: Great split EP from both bands. Due to PISSCHRIST Japan tour, here comes the split.
Price: 6 euro
Availibility: sold out

Monday, November 23, 2009

MEINHOF - Under The Burning Sky Of The Future Events 10"

Details: Second full lenght in 10" from London punks. Great stuff!! More heavy than the debut LP.
Price: 13 euro
Availibility: mail us

Monday, November 9, 2009

BOMBENALARM - Tape 2004 + Destination: Fucked Up EP 2004 CD

Details: Dark crustcore influenced by scandinavian hardcore with some melodies on guitar works and heavy, harsh brutal vocals. Tempos vary from fast to midpaced and an insert with lyrics texts and translations in english is included. Lyrics deal with socio-politics as usual. Some of them play in Doomtown and Burial.
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: mail us

GISM - Detestation LP (Fan Club) Re-stock!!

Details: One of the best punk records coming out of Japan! Don't only wear the patch and shirt here the only way to have to the most obscure records in history!! Fan club release and we don't care. Black vinyl only coloured all gone!!
Price: 15 euro
Availibility: SOLD OUT

VOCO PROTESTA - Vojo Al Libereco LP

Details: Tokyo's VOCO PROTESTA blend the best of the last fifteen years of Japanese distorted hardcore with the early 80’s European punk attitude. Their sound has changed a touch since their three 7"s - It’s more dynamic, perhaps less CONFUSE and more CRUDE SS. However, their ideas are still the same, highly idealistic anarchist lyrics about a better world sang in Esperanto. Their sonic approach is still distorted, primitive and urgent. Fast and angry. 'Vojo el Libereco' is a classic slice of raw hardcore for any fans of GLOOM, FRAMTID, FRIGORA and other masters of the black and white high contrast artwork. Cover by Teodoro Hernandez.
Price: 12 euro
Availibility: mail us

OPERATION - Destruktiv Utveckling LP and Frihet? LP

Details: Anarkopunk from Sweden. The only LP release. Here some review:
Sad to say but this is their farewell record after an excellent Lp & a succesful tour with Detestation & Cress. 8 songs of angry, pissed off political HC with female / male vocals. Even a bit faster and more tight than their already excellent Lp. Lyrix are kind of indebt analysis of punk politics that remind me lot of Conflict & the likes. Very inspiring stuff - comes with Lp size booklet with translations + comments & a nice poster.

The sleeve looks like a total peace punk cliché - but there are no complaints on my side. The music is roughly described as a perfect mix of Conflict & Mob 47 - in one word excellent!!!! Female / male vocals screaming out their anger about every day suppression. The topics of the lyrics are not new at all, but who cares, because thereis still an oppressive system, animal suffering, sexism & racism out there. comes with booklet & lyrics translated in english. I can play this over and over again without getting tired....

Price: 12 euro each
Availibility: 1 copy each


Details: Swedish/crust! 2nd LP.
Price: 12 euro
Availibility: 1 copy only

AFTER THE BOMBS - Relentless Onslought LP

Details: Canadian Sacrilege tribute band. Awesome!!
Price: 12 euro
Availibility: mail us

HELLSHOCK - Only The Dead Know The End Of War LP

Details: 1st LP from PDX stench core.
Price: 12 euro
Availibility: 1 copy only


Details: Polish millinium crust with roots into TRAGEDY and probably also WOLFBRIGADE. This band from Olsztyn is around since quite many years, even release demo CD-r few years ago, but during all this time they had several personel style changes. Now the line up is stable and they built their own sound - powerful, heavy and driving hardcore punk with 2 guitars and mixed vocals leaded by strong and angry female vocals. You can compare their sound to Tragedy, Wolfbrigade etc. But you can still get the strong polish punk influence here.
Price: 12 euro
Availibility: mail us

NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR - Discography 2005-2008

Details: Include tracks from s/t LP, EP and demos. Release for Mexican tour. Comes with thick booklet. Great listen to this CD while eating nachos and drink beer!!
Price: 8 euro
Availibility: mail us

NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR - Total Annihilation EP

Details: 3 new tracks of brutal apocalyptic mid 90's styled euro crust! Deadly!!
Price: 6 euro
Availiblity: mail us


Details: Stench crust from Halifax, Canada. Influenced from Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct and Amebix. Wicked!!
Price: 4.50 euro
Availibility: mail us


Details: LINK crust punks from Belgium with Female vocals and RAISED BY DRUNKS are global crust from Sweden and Brasilian members.
Price: 4 euro
Availibility: mail us