Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IMPIETY – Tormentors Of Kota Bharu LP

Details: This 8 tracks were recorded live on 9th September 2011 at Kota Bharu, KELANTAN. Track listing are Advent of the Nuclear Baphomet; Christfuckingchrist; Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate; At war with temujin; Escalate the pestilence, Lords of apocalypse, As Judea Burns and Torment in fire. All tracks been mastered at Studio 47, Singapore. Comes with special glossy jacket printing, insert and poster. Get it now!!
Limited 250 copies worldwide!!
Price: 19 euro
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MAUSER – Isolation MLP

Details: Massive speed fuelled punk madness from Gainesville, FL. Influenced by Japanese killers FRAMTID. Mauser is drum-focused and driving with simple and brutal punk riffs covered in distortion. On their first EP, End Of Line, they played a couple mid-tempo rockers, but this is mostly straightforward hardcore punk noise! They set themselves aside from most of the crappy noise punk coming out of the US by actually being able to write great songs and having an incredibly clear, powerful and harsh recording.

Price: 12 euro
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Friday, April 6, 2012


Details: Chaos, Turmoil, Deaf and Hatred! This 3 way Split giving the shock to the distorted world. D-clone/Folkiies organize Mauser Japan Tour in last February. So many people got inspired from their staging on Chaos in Tejas last year. One of the central band of American raw HC punk scene nowdays. Their various activity is taking so many young kids into raw punk hell. Energetic “fist and depth” is even more than their 1st EP. Sharpen soul and sensibility D-Clone is straight ahead to wall of noise! Going to devide from Finnish HC punk Folkeiis, more originality sounds steping next level of hardcore punk! Their rebellion and defiance minds beating a wind hole to the era!!
Price: 8 euro
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ASPEX – Peaceful Life Is Now your Nightmare MC

Details: ASPEX are came from LA, USA that playing fucking noise raw punk in vein of Finnish kang Hardcore influenced like KAAOS. This band contains members of THE HELPLESS and KRUEL. 7 tracks on pro done cassette. Come with mini poster. This is 80’s raw punk mix together 2012 noise punk with the word of aaaarrrrrrgggghhhh....

Price: 4 euro
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DISABLE – Blitzkrieg Nights MC

Details: Another DIS-band came from Atlanta, USA. 99.9% influence from DISCLOSE and 1% are not included because they are not from Japan. Much influenced from the early DISCLOSE demo. This cassette consist of 5 tracks full of D-beat raw punk with major influenced by the Japanese D-beat master!! This is raw punk nightmare!!
Price: 4 euro
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KRUEL – Noise Not Music MC

Details: D-beat Raw punk/crust band that is based out of Cudahy (a small district in LA). The members came from all other parts of the town. Started around 2008, played plenty of show in their LA scene. Heavy influence of ANTI CIMEX and DISCLOSE hmmm what else....
Consist of 9 tracks full of noise raw punk.
check this out:
Price: 4 euro
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