Friday, April 11, 2008

Total Chaos "Punk Invansion" LP

Description: Gatefold sleve.
Price: 13Euro
Availability: 6 copies

Defiance - Rise and Fall 12" Pix disc

Description: 12" Pics disc, lyrics included
Price: 13 Euro
Availability: 6 copies

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Piromanos Del Ritmo - CD

Description: Chile crust,
Price: 7 Euro
Availability: 6 copies

The Path True Independence comp CD

The Path To True Independence Compilation CD Feat Beyond Description, Asbestos, Destructions, and another japanese crust bands.
Price: 7 Euro
Availability: 8 copies

Mardrom 7"

Mardromn - Nar Mardrommen Blir Till Verklighet EPSwedish Raw punk noise crust. Ashes from bands like: Dödsdömd, 365 Dagar Av Synd, Uncle Charles, Greed, Human Waste, Inti, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Tristess, Ambulance, Mukti...

Price: 3.50 Euro
Availability: sold out

Realm Of Chaos "Stench Of Death" demo

Realm of Chaos "Stench of Death" demo tape
Danish New wave of death crust metal!! limited 300 copies.

Price: 3 Euro
Availability: 4 copies

Autonomia - Necrologia - CD

Description: Dicography, Peru anarcho-crust
Price: 7 Euro
Availability: 6 copies

MOB 47 "Back To Attack" DBL LP

Mob 47 "Back To Attack" Dbl LP. Gatefold sleeve. Lyrics and biography included. No need introduction to this old timer.
Price: 18 Euro
Availability: 15 copies (2nd preesed green vinyl) SOLD OUT

Sickness "4 Bastards" LP

Sickness "4 Bastards" LP/CD

French d-beat cust n' roll. The latest attack of the veterens of the Auch HC crew 14 new track of raw punk d-beat with pure razor devastating sound. The riff of scandicrust'n'roll are criminals.. for sure the best ever sickness studio recording.. 666 fuckin mayhem is the album of 2007. Contains cover from Motorhead, Poison Idea etc.

Description: black vinyl ;(
Price: 7 Euro
Availability: LP 8 copies, CD 3 copies

Napalm Death "Order of the Leech" LP

Description: purple vinyl
Price: 14 Euro
Availability: 2 copies

Rattus '30th Anniversary of rattus' CD

BKR022 RATTUS 30Th Anniversary (CD)
No need introduction, long timer Finnish punk. 23 track full of unreleased stuff.

Description: full of unreleased tracks
Price: 7 Euro
Availability: 26 copies

Never Built Ruins CD

NEVER BUILT RUINS CD (Bulit to love 10” + demo)
Germany-Switzerland d-beat driven punk engine. Complete track from 10” and demo collections.
Description: SEA tour CD
Price: 7 Euro
Availability: 90 copies

BSR010: WARVICTIMS "Until Man Exists No More" Cassette

D-beat destruction from Sweden. Tape version with 3 extra track taken from their D-Beat Destruction EP.One of most active band with new releases every season.16 track in total. Glossy sleeve and silver stamp logo as usual.
(vinyl version out of stock, re-stock soon)
Description: different layout from vinyl version
Price: 3 Euro
Availability: 200 copies


NDT hail from K-Town, d-beat crustcore of Doom with some metallic elements in an amazing combination. Downtuned, aggressive and violent, the rhythm section is full of energy and moves fast while the vocals are deep low howls with some slow apoclayptric crust intros. Brilliant!! Glossy cover and silver stamp logo.

12" vinyl version by Plague Bearer.
(vinyl out of stock, re-stock soon)

Description: different layout from CD and vinyl version.
Price: 3 Euro
Availability: SOLD OUT

BSR009: DISCOVER "Stench Of Death" CD

BSR 009 DISCOVERStench Of Death” CD
DISCOVER hail from Sweden. This is split release with Black Konflick Rec.8 new tracks plus 6 cover song from Shitlickers, Doom, BOD, Discard and mighty Disclose!! they put all influence and put into the package raw punk arise!! Make sure play it loud!! Glossy cover plus silver stamp logo.
Description: 4 page, lyrics etc.
Price: 7 Euro
Availability: SOLD OUT

BSR006: DISTRUST "World Of Tommorow" CD

BSR 006 DISTRUSTWorld OF Tommorow” CD
DISTRUST are Singaporean crusties was formed in 1999 with greatly influenced by Discharge, Doom, ENT and UK crust punk band and Swedish HC as well. This CD contains 17 tracks full of d-beat/crust. Comes with 8 pages booklet glossy cover and silver stamp logo.
Description: 8 page booklet, lyrics, pix etc.
Price: 7 Euro
Availability: mail us

Napalm Death "Smear Campaign" Pix disc

Description: Picture Disc, noble gatefold sleeve, still sealed.
Price: 13 Euro
Availability: 3 copies