Saturday, July 24, 2010

DOOM – Rush Hour Of The Gods LP

Details: One of my all-time favourites, the masters of crust. This is a record from 1996. Re-release, remastered, rescanned, fold out and poster.
Price: 15 euro
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Details: New recordings from these swedish D-beat masters for the 5th longplayer. Ragingscandinavian Hardcore steamroller. Down-tuned crust-core blasts with a hint of themelody of early Swedish punk and classic Swedish Death Metal.

Price: 15 euro
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TRAGEDY - Nerve Damage LP (Tour Edition)

Details: Limited tour edition of 500 copies! Nerve Damage is undoubtedly the most anticipated release from any DIY hardcore band for 2006. Tragedy’s long awaited 3rd LP is a powerhouse of melody, brooding darkness, and hard hitting d-beat hardcore. Ten tracks. Tragedy is one of the most well known and well respected hardcore DIY hardcore bands currently dragging their asses all over the world to play punk gigs. "Nerve Damage" does not disappoint. Ex-members of His Hero Is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Copout, Severed Head of State, Call The Police, Criminal Damage, Deathreat, Well Away, Uranus, etc, etc...
Price: 15 euro
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AGRIMONIA - Host Of The Winged 2 x LP

Details: The wait was long, but now it's ready! A dignified follow-up of their first album! An intense DoLP from this dark crust band from Gothenburg. I haven't really enough words to describe this brutal yet twisted attack on my eardrums. Eight songs in just over 72 minutes (!) of death and blackmetal gloom with a healthy dose of crust punk influences leaving me speechless. The Double LP comes in a beautiful gatefold with a foldout insert.
Price: 17 euro
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NAPALM DEATH - Hatred Surge/FETO Demos LP

Details: This is the strangest release of Napalm Death. Harsh punk gets mixed with some depressive chords and a sound, which reminds me of the Thorns' demos. Imagine Discharge with some Burzum-like moments ('What Man Can Do'), noisy michrophonies and the angriest ever heard cries - that's what 'Hatred Surge' is all about. There are tracks like 'Instinct Of Survival', 'Control', 'Caught... In A Dream', which will be later reworked and heard in the famous 'Scum' release (the birth of grind core). Here in this demo they still sound very punkish (Crass were one of the most influential bands for the early Civil Defence/Napalm Death). This LP contains the "Hatred Surge" Demo from 1985 and the "From Enslavement To Obliteration" Demo from 1986. 22 sonx in total.
Price: 15 euro
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NAPALM DEATH - Peel Sessions LP

Details: This record comprises two separate Peel Sessions. Side A was recorded on 13th September 1987, side B was recorded on 8th March 1988. Each side is separated into tracks containing several individual songs. These groupings represent the tracks as played on John Peel's Radio One show. 25 tracks total!!
Tracks 1-12 Peel Sessions 13/09/1987
Tracks 13-25 Peel sessions 20/4/1988
Price: 15 euro
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KYLESA – Static Tensions LP

Details: This is really good. Way better than the last record and probably their heaviest to date. I think they still have 2 drummers but they lost their bassist with the crusty vocals; so none of that on this record. They now have the bassist of Born Against. Overall great record, it'll sound better too.
Comes with big booklet.
Price: 15 euro
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Friday, July 23, 2010

REALITY CRISIS - Embroided patch

Details: This is official merch permission from the band
Measurement: Diameter 9 cm
Price: 4 euro
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D-CLONE embroided patch

Details: This is official merch, permission from the band.
Meassure: H: 7 cm, W: 10 cm
Price: 4 euro
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SORE THROAT - Death To Capitalist HC!! 7"

Details: "Death to Capitalist Hardcore" is the 1st EP by English grindcore band Sore Throat. It was originally released on 7" vinyl by "Acid Rain Records" in 1987 to a pressing of 1000 copies. Sore Throat were formed in 1987 by John "Doom" Pickering (bass; previously a member of Doom, Pelvic Thrust, Police Bastard and Cain), Brian "Bri" Talbot (guitar; also previously associated with Doom and Pelvic Thrust, as well as Ackworth St.
Price: 6 euro
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Details: 2 amazing bands take on each others songs and you get a killer split 12". one time pressing - don't sleep. totally killer.

Price: 15 euro
Availability: sold out!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BASTARDATOR – Identify The Dead LP

Details: Bastardator present this first full-length album, armed with a vocalist that fits the band's music even more than the previous singer did. Identify the Dead, simply put, is a high octane piece of Thrash Metal with some punk influences. It kicks off fast and heavy and never really slows down to give you time to figure out what the hell just happened to you. Insane, unrelenting speed applies to all concerned here – guitar, bass, drums and vocals. The new vocalist simply shines on this. He spits out the words at full speed, keeping up with the often very fast beat, and manages to make his way through that thick wall of music to make himself heard, yet without taking center stage, leaving the music do most of the talking.

I rarely notice the bass much while listening to music. I hear it but I usually focus a lot more on the guitar playing Рexceptions being when listening to bands such as Moțrhead or Iron Maiden, of course. Here however the bass is quite audible and often takes the front row and I found those parts are pretty damn catchy Рthough this can be said of most of the album. I'm always amazed by the fact that there is only one guitarist in this band Рhe shreds like a fucking maniac and the riffs are just fucking amazing, and you can really fuck yourself up just trying to air guitar at this РI shit you not. I don't know how many times I found myself listening to some of the guitars parts over and over Рgood thing this isn't a tape. (Metal Crypt)


Price: 19 euro
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GISM – Document One LP (Restock)

Details: GISM - Document One LP 1982-1984 black vinyl with poster sleeves. On Time Span Records Japan. Tracks taken from Great Punk Hit LP, Hardcore Unlawful Assembly, The Punk Tape, Detestation Bonus Track, Viva Angel LP, Mammalia LP, Outsided and one live track.
Price: 15 euro
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CRO-MAGS - The Age Of Quarrel LP

Details: Cro-Mags are a hardcore punk turned crossover thrash band from New York City. The band, which had a strong cult following, released many records, their first two considered the most influential. They were among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal and were associated with the birth of a tougher attitude within the hardcore scene in the late 1980s.
They first released a demo with songs that would eventually find themselves on their debut album The Age Of Quarrel (1986). Wiki

Price: 14 euro
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Details: Gloomy female HC of the metal-free sort – TOZIBABE were one Yugoslavia’s best bands in my books. Their songs on the essential “Hardcore Ljubljana” comp LP (released in 1985; recently re-released) were amazing and admitedly better than the four songs on this last sign of life by them. Still, it’s a smasher of a platter and a scarce find. Let’s hope they did get through the bloody civil wars and without turning onto nationalism (like so many of their contemporaries did).
The cheesy synthie-bells intro is so great, and overall, the vocals fit in very well (which isn’t always the case with female vocals in HC). Listen for yourselves.

Price: 6 euro
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NAPALM DEATH - Rare Tracks 86-88 EP

Side 1:
(From S.O.B Split 7")

Multinational Corporations Pt. 2
Re-Address The Problem
Changing Colours
From Ashes

(From Curse 7")
Your Achievement
Morbid Deceiver

Side 2:
The Traitor (Live in Birmingham, UK '86)
Deceiver (w/ Swanky's Intro - Live in Wakkon, Belgium '87)
Retreat To Nowhere (Studio Recording w/ Dorrian and Steer)
Life (Studio Recording w/ Dorrian and Steer)
Scum (Studio Recording w/ Dorrian and Steer)

Price: 6 euro
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Details: The birth of punk in Italy. Loud and snotty punk Italian style, this would have to be one of the best singles to ever emerge out of Italy.

Love the liner note on the Tampax side: Recorded from 5:30pm to 5:45pm (30 December 1978) Thats what I call a cheap studio bill.


Hitler SS
Punk Is Dead No Solution

Ufo dictator
Tampax (in the c**t)

Please note that HITLER SS is not a racist or white power band.

Price: 6 euro
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Details: Here's the vinyl version of this collection of Skitsystem's early and out of print material from 1995 - 1998, making for 19 tracks from one of m favorite Swedish hardcore bands out there. Included is the "Profithysteri" 7", the split 7" with Wolfpack, and the "Ondskans Ansikte" 10" (the finest material herein and a definite hint at where the band would end up). This material is often billed as being the band's rawer work, which is definitely true to a degree, but I honestly don't find it to be all that much different in sound quality from some f the material they've dropped since this time period, so it all stands up well. Expect around 35 minutes of brutal crust punk with thick chord progressions, driving tempos, and of course Tomas Lindberg's immediately recognizable vocal screams. Aside from the vocals there's maybe not so much about this band that's truly different from the rest of the genre from a songwriting standpoint, except that I feel that their sound is always a little heavier and more in your face than most of these bands, which does give them their own sort of style. And of course when you combine that with a knack for writing consistently good songs, plus those vocals, they're definitely among the more unique sounding bands in the end. The three releases contained herein are all very consistent with one another stylistically, without a great deal of variety or variation from a pretty set range of tempos and playing styles. Now and then they'll throw out a quick lead break or a slightly slower rhythm that gets a touch heavier, but it's definitely got a clear direction throughout. However, "Krossa Mig" is much slower and more sinister, with a crushing chord progression and hard-hitting percussion underneath some feedback and brief melodic notes - certainly one of the band's most notable tracks. Period. The split 7" with Wolfpack does sound much thinner and has a vocal performance that's a bit more direct, leaning towards aggressive yelling rather than the textured screams of most of the band's other work (ironic as that's the "newest" material on this LP), but their debut EP from 1995 sounds great, and the 10" from 1996 sounds solid as well (with a little more of a rugged bite). Oddly enough their debut has the most consistent and fluid mix of these tracks, but it all works fine. The LP's sleeve is plain black with metallic silver text for the logo and tracklist, so it's not much to look at. However, the insert has been handled very well, including all of the lyrics, a complete discography with all of the original record covers, a brief history of the band, etc. The lyrics are mostly in Swedish, but English translations have been provided (with Swedish translations offered for the handful of songs that are actually sung in English). Of course the content deals with the usual topics of war, violence, consumerism, etc., but I'd definitely rank these lyrics as falling on the harsher and more pessimistic side of things. "A human wreck, Life's work in shatters, Continuous hate for life, Restrained to obedience, Driven to madness, Treated like dirt..." Good stuff. It's always good to see material like this staying available to the listeners in various forms, so if you missed the original pressings of these releases and prefer vinyl to CD's, this collection's for you. (7/10)
Price: 10 euro
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CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY – It’s Time To Face The Doomdsday LP

Details: Restock!!! First full-lenght for the motorcharged speedmetalpunx! Eight hymns of sleazy post-apocalyptic motorcharged speed-crust with a huge dose of mega-vault rock'n'roll metal madness!!! For lovers of English Dogs, Sacrilege, Warfare, Tank, Antic Cimex. Their previous releases are already collectible items, act fast with this one. Regular version comes with printed inner sleeve, 2 sided poster. Cover artwork by Chany. Metalpunx squads around the globe are warned, the apocalypse is near, fuel and vinyl to survive

Price: 14 euro
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RAW NOISE - System Never LP

Details: UK KING OF CRUST CORE IS BACK! RAW NOISE is side project band by DEAN of ENT returning back to "hard-core punk" scene with their successful Japan tour with SLANG in 2009! This is their long-awaited 2nd full album following to the latest 7"EP released in summer of 2009 by MCR! The totally bulldozing straightforward crustcore attack which reminds the classic 1st EP recognized as the UK crust core masterpiece, and yes, this is more brutal than ever! Remember the days of late 80's to early 90's with the bands such like ENT - DOOM - EXCREMENT OF WAR....... and today, now, this stuff is going to erupt your head! 12 tracks in total!!!

Price: 14 euro
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Details: An extreme compilation that contains a respectable list of bands from different kinds of slow music styles... In Asymmetry you will find a bunch of talented and promising bands, next to a few bands that you maybe already know (if not,check yourself please) that together bring you a 74 minutes of crawling fucked up and strange kind of journey...!!! Comes with 12 pages booklet and limited to 750 copies (last copies!!)


01. Lux Incerta – Clear Water

02. Whelm – A State of Decay

03. Remembrance – Beyond The Waters

04. Mary Bell – Armageddon Jam

05. Asofy - Luce

06. The Knell – Into Shattered

07. Mar De Grises – Mar De Grises

08. Saturnus – Murky Waters

09. Wreck of the Hesperus – Utter Rot

10. Abysmal Darkening – End It

Total Playing Time: 74 Minutes

Price: 7 euro
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Details: This split presents a bitter and unforgiving struggle between the raw blackened Doom Metal of Swedish Doomsters Beneath The Frozen Soil, and the well-known hateful Sludge of New York's gods, Negative Reaction. There are no winners in this dirty Battle, just fifty bleeding and harsh minutes straight from the most unpleasant side of the genre…Expect for totally punishing experience! Limited to 1000 copies.
Price: 7 euro
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Details: Paganus full-length features 4 tracks of vicious extreme Doom metal clocking in at almost 50 minutes! A raw Extreme heaviness filled with crushing riffs, "doomy soundscapes", wicked vocals and lots of negative emotions…For fans of Burning Witch, Khanate, High on Fire, Neurosis...

Price: 7 euro
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Details: The album of Kentucky sick trio Highgate offers 1 untitled track, but not less then 54 minutes of nasty combination between hybrid of minimalist Crusty Doom, Grim Black Metal and Experimental Noise. Expect for a loud and heavy production and prepare yourself for the worse!

Price: 7 euro
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Details: Two years after the band's self titled album, Mourning Dawn is back with eight new pieces of despair and not less then 70 minutes of their unique painful Black/Dark Metal. The production is freezing, the material is slower then ever and together with the guest vocals of Jonathan Thery (Ataraxie, Hyadningar, Bethlehem, Funeralium), "For The Fallen" is definitely the sickest effort of this suicidal French band so far.

Recommended for fans of Weakling, Shining, Deinonychus, old-Katatonia & Bethlehem...

Price: 7 euro
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Details: Sand is the first full-length album of Swedish maniacs, Pyramido, and it delivers five punishing tracks of raw Sludge for almost 50 minutes. This old school slab of DOOM is primitive, dirty and gruff! Get crushed.

Recommended for fans of Fistula, Grief, Coffins, Noothgrush, Graves At Sea, Electric Wizard, Church of Misery.....

Price: 7 euro
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HYADNINGAR - The Weak Creation CD

Details: The Weak Creation is the band's second full-length album and it brings 8 tracks of black metal that is varied and sick (epic, yet raw and chaotic). Complex and unique song structures (lots of rhythm changes and sudden twists), powerful production and another insane vocal performance by Marquis (Bethlehem, Ataraxie, Funeralium) that consists on black metal screams, low grunts and bestial moaning cries...68 minutes that have been recorded, mixed and mastered at CCR studios (Belgium) by Kris Belaen and show French black metal at its best (Comes with a nice 12 pages booklet).

Price: 7 euro
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SLAYER - Reign in Blood LP

Details: Reign in Blood is the third studio album and major label debut by the American thrash metal band Slayer. Released on October 7, 1986, the album was the band's first collaboration with record producer Rick Rubin, whose input helped the band's sound evolve. Reign in Blood was very well received by both critics and fans, and was responsible for bringing Slayer to the attention of a mainstream metal audience.Kerrang! magazine described the record as "the heaviest album of all time," and a breakthrough in thrash metal and speed metal. AlongsideMetallica's Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood is considered one of the most influencial thrash metal albums of all time.
Price: 14 euro
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DISHAMMER – Under The Sign Of D-beat Mark LP

Details: 7 unreleased songs from the same recording session as vintage addiction. Sleazy d-beat hell!
Mastered for vinyl by Dan Randall, came out fucking loud and dirty!
Sleazy artwork to make your girlfriend jealous.
Reverse board jacket, double sided insert, 11x17 poster.

If you like old BATHORY, you will like this as well.

Price: 13 euro
Availability: SOLD OUT!!