Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Details: Both bands comes from Slovakia. BETON with six furious tracks of heavy brutal D-beat with pissed off vocals. Short simple cold, dark dead lyrics. Nothing new just D-beat rawpunk that you can’t get enough off! CAD already have several releases out and have played together for many years by now. 11 furious tracks of grind/crust/rawpunk. Great cover art. No translation for the lyrics. You can find BETON’s lyrics translated on their myspace. This is released by 13 labels and limited to 500 copies.
Label involved in this split are:
Black Seeds Records/Black Seeds Asia
Biosfear Productions
Thriller Records
Vandal Records
Totalitarism Still Continues Records
Codex Records
Dear Friends of Azazel Records
Just D.I.Y Recods
Nihil n Beers Terror Records
Beffy Records
Warsong @ Dist and Confuzed
Makinas Records

Price: 10 euro
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

COLDWORKER - Rotting Paradise LP

Details: Coldworker is the Swedish death metal band formed by former Nasum drummer Anders Jakobson. Their sophomore album is Rotting Paradise. It's pretty similar to their debut, which was released just over a year ago.
Rotting Paradise is fast and intense technical death metal. Coldworker's songwriting has matured a bit, with a few more dynamics and emotions this time around. They slow the pace from time, but the intensity never wavers. There are some catchy guitar riffs and decent melodies to hold your attention.
Price: 14 euro
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ELIMINATE - Attrition 7" EP

Details: Portlands own ELIMINATE Raw Hard Punk d-beat Noise attack debut EP. New tracks some of the best work since teh CDEP.
Price: 4 euro
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RAW NOISE - The Terror Continues LP

Details: This one is total D-Beat Holocaust! RAW NOISE are from U.K and they have Dean Jones on vocals (EXTREME NOISE TERROR) also guitar on these recordings by anex-CRADLE OF FILTH member, last 4 tracks are from their s/t 7 Iinch EP included as bonus.
Price: 13 euro
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Details: 2 songs of each band and like expected brutal and intense. Nightmare with their traditional devastation with content, Burial with rocking high standard japanese hardcore and Crude with their typical melody driven hardcore but recorded themselves. Everything remastered byFrank SAW to push the limits even further. Comes in thick gatefold cover with 8-page booklet.
Price: 11 euro
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Details: New recordings from these swedish D-beat masters for the 5th longplayer. Ragingscandinavian Hardcore steamroller. Down-tuned crust-core blasts with a hint of themelody of early Swedish punk and classic Swedish Death Metal.
Price: 13 euro
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DISFEAR - Misanthrophic Generation LP

Details: The Scandinavian hardcore assault of DISFEAR utilizes blistering distortion, nihilisticrage and a scorching metallic powerload to bleed the Earth and burn its skies. On Misanthropic Generation, detonating power chords collide with raging rhythms,while the merciless vocals of Tomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES) explode through the heart of the band's sonic architecture.
Price: 13 euro
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DISFEAR - Live The Storm LP

Details: With their ripping album "Live the Storm" , self-proclaimed "defenders of the Dbeat"Disfear once again prove why they reign supreme in all things D-beat. Live the Storm, the follow-up to 2003's explosive "Misanthropic Generation", delivers 10tracks that will definitely knock you senseless with each listen. This is the band'ssecond album featuring the legendary voice of Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, The Crown, Lock Up) and the first to feature ex-Entombed guitarist Uffe Cederlund. "Live the Storm" remains true to the crust punk formula: D-beat, D-beat, and more D-beat; however, listeners will also notice amore varied sound in the riffs this time around. On Misanthropic the songs blast byone after another, as if being fired out of an AK-47 (not that that's a bad thing). The speed and brutality are still fully present on "Live the Storm", though the addition of Cederlund is strongly felt in the subtle melodies and more metallic-leaning riffs.

The re-press of the Disfear Live The Storm LP under Disfear records. On Blue splatter (Ltd 500), hand stamped labels.
Price: 13 euro
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Details: To celebrate our long standing friendship, Disfear and Doomriders have paired up to release a brand new limited split 7" EP, a joint effort between our own self run label, Disfear Records (European territories) and Doomriders' label home, Deathwish (All other territories). Both bands contribute with one brand new song each; Disfear "Fear and trembling" and Doomriders "Crooked path".
700 Black in white paper bag, black labels with hand stamped silver ink. Folded 56 x 56 cm 9 panel poster cover.

Friday, December 12, 2008

NITAD – Ibland Kan Man Inte Hindra Sig Sjalv CD

Details: I new this band from Stockholm, Sweden had a 7" on Deranged Records.Never did pick that up. I pretty much give anything from Sweden alisten. I like a lot of what comes out of there. Sure enough, I likethis too. Straight forward punk in the early 80s vein melding onepart US punk and the other Scandinavian. A modern reference would beCareer Suicide meets the Regulations with Swedish lyrics. Music thatsounds stripped down and yet it's still energetic and charging. Thereis an LP version of this released by Deranged. The CD version ischock full of extras with bonus tracks that include all the previousEP's . Also, if you mailorder direct, you get an additional 7". Iunfortunately only got a CDR of the 7". Chalk up another one for theSwedish! (Profane Existence)
Price: 7 euro
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Details: Burning spirits worship from sydney australia. Band members have been in past bands: Smash 'N' Grab, Saboteur (swe), Red Stain, A.V.O., Masstrauma and Bleeding Face.
Price: 4 euro
Availibility: mail us


Details: Portland via Japan noisecore on its second full-length.
Price: 12 euro
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Details: ATROCIOUS MADNESS Total Control LP. Great band from Portland existing during the late 90's to early 2000's. Members are/were in Lebenden Toten, Detestation, Hellshock, Funeral, and Deathcharge to name a few. This is fast, raw, super distorted Confuse worship. If you like old Disorder, Lebenden Toten, Confuse, Gai, etc - This LP is the shit.
Price: 10 euro
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Details: Finally, D-Beat Hardcore ultra cult classic album is back! "WAR CRY" LP + Compilation Trax, and bonus Live tracks on CD, Total 22 Tracks!!Remastering by Bri/DOOM!! This is "THE" DISCHARGE influenced Hardcore from the U.K!!!!
Price: 10 euro
Availibility: SOLD OUT


Details: 5 Japanese Underground HC/Crusties on DVD!!
Price: 10
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Details: Voco Protesta from Tokyo Japan. Play kinda short, fast and fuzz!! And Active Minds are political HC/Punk from UK.
Price: 6 euro
Availibility: in stock

LIFE - When The Peace Collapse demo 7"

Details: This is their re-press demo on 7". Great bands from Tokyo Japan.
Price: 6 euro
Availibility: SOLD OUT


Details: New young crusties from Japan share this piece of wax. Amazing stuff!!
Kriegshog =
Deathtribe =
Price: 6 euros
Availibility: SOLD OUT