Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Details: This short lived band form in 2002 and split up in 2003. The members are Vox Jaken, G - Kunio, B - Shinji (Battlescard), Dr - Kajino. DEFIANT active only a year and a half. They only played in Tokyo area, such as Shinjuku DOM, Nishiogikubo WATTS, Kichijoji WARP. Sharing same stage with some old bands like ABRAHAM CROSS, STAGNATION, JABARA, IMPULSIVE, CROSSFACE, BATTLE OF DISARM, EFFECT etc. This cassette consist all 3 demos tapes, Which is 1st Demo "Defiant" (2002), 2nd Demo "For Tomorrow" (2003), and 3rd Demo "Chaos Gate" (2003). If you into great Japanese Hardcore bands like BASTARD, JUDGEMENT and DEATHSIDE this tape is really recommended.
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Details: SWORDWIELDER are stenchcore from Sweden. Heavy influence from AMEBIX and DEVIATED INSTINCT. Its perfect soundtrack for winter, doom and gloom the way it is. 5 tracks in good quality recording. Play it loud!!
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Details: DISCLOSE embroidery patch. 9 cm.
Price: 5 euro
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MINUS - Give My Freedom MC

Details: For an ages here the new material from old punks from Singapore. They been around in a scene quite long time. We were release their discography tape some years ago. I'm quite excited when grab this tape. They still playing like the old days, heavy hardcore punk in your face. This tape consist 12 tracks total. I heard the guitar riff lots of influence from UK 82 style and some heavy influence from Discharge, Dischange, The Varukers and the like. The angry of the vocal and the pounding of the drums make MINUS are one of my favourite HC/Punk around SEA.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Details: Hailing from Japan. Cds consist 12 tracks + 8 page booklet + Obi strip.
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