Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Details: The second release on Break The Chains is a 10” with Germany’s WARHAMMER and Japan’s COFFINS, limited to 666 copies. Side A is for WARHAMMER, the German HELLHAMMER clone. I kind of lost tack of this band since they split-up in 2001. Apparently they reformed in 2006 and they released quite a few items since then, item I have missed out on. Their song ‘Maneater’ is around eight minutes long and like expected it’ sound like Hellhammer. Nothing shocking here. COFFINS keeps appearing on split releases and for this one they recorded the song ‘Till Dawn Of The Doomsday’, a song that reminds alot of cult act winter. Quite heavy song indeed. (Lords of metal)

Price: 13 euro
Availability: mail us