Saturday, August 20, 2011

CROW – Bloody Tear LP

Details: Bombastic crust-metal from Tokyo, an ultra brutal lightning attack of searing riffs, wild solos, screaming vocals and crushing rhythm section! Bleak intent and metallic mayhem, CROW have dotted the landscape of Japanese hardcore punk since its inception and just seem to get more devastating with age!! This is their first full length / second LP since the 1980's, with 9 tracks. Some of the songs are intense re-recorded versions of some of their classic tracks (Including their signature track "Give Up All Hope" that has been covered by numerous bands including the UK's legendary DOOM) as well as new recordings of songs from their recent ultra-limited Japanese releases. This is the official vinyl release of this new LP, which was released as a CD-only on the Mangrove label in Japan. The LP sequence has slight variations in both track listing and mixes. CROW have toured the West Coast twice, releasing the well received 7" " Neurotic Organization" and split EP with ARTIMUS PYLE on Prank.
Price: 15 euro
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