Friday, August 5, 2011


Details: A benefit double CD compilation in memory of deceased ICONS OF FILTH vocalist Andrew Sewell (aka Stig), who died following a gig in Hackney, London on October 23rd, 2004.. Paying tribute to Stig's inspiring life and message are 34 bands from around the world, almost all being exclusive to this collection. The double sized digipack features cover art by long-time ICONS OF FILTH artist Squeal plus photos of Stig and IOF - old and new Included is a 36 page booklet with a page for each bands' lyrics, etc. and it all comes wrapped in a gold foil stamped slip case. Bands include CRUELTY, SCARRED FOR LIFE, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, NO CHOICE , BEHIND ENEMY LINES, THIS SYSTEM KILLS, THE OPPRESSED, AMBULANCE, LOST CHERRIES, GURKHA, HARD SKIN, MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION, DISASSOCIATE, DRONGOS FOR EUROPE, SUICIDE WATCH, FLEAS AND LICE, MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE , C.C.S.S., M.D.C., TRACK THE CURSE, SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS, MOLOTOV COCKTAIL, AVSKUM, TOXIC NARCOTIC, PHOBIA, ANIMA MUNDI, FILTH OF MANKIND, THE VAGINALS, RUIN, CONTEMPT FOR HUMANITY, FLYBLOWN, RESIST AND EXIST, IN THE SHIT, and MISERY.
Price: 12.50 euro
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