Friday, August 5, 2011


Details: The first installment of APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT's discography is now availablle. The CD includes all the songs from their 2007 Armageddon Won't be Brought By the Gods EP, their 2008 Greenwashing LP and one unreleased cover song by FINAL WARNING. The package includes 24 page booklet, with all lyrics, writing, and original artwork from Marald, Hush and others, plus a bonus ATU vinyl sticker. APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT hail from Huntington, WV and play a powerful blend of classic anarcho-punk, crust and a hint of metal, with aggressive female vocals, and urgent political lyrics. This discography compiles all the songs that launched ATU's meteoric rise in popularity and is being released while they are taking a break from touring while Sarah is pregnant. They are using the time off to write new material, for which they have recentlky recorded for a split EP with OI POLLOI, and have more recording plans for the near future. Of course Profane Existence plans to be involved in the next ATU releases, so long as our financial outlook continues to improve.
Price: 7 euro
Availability: mail us