Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CRUDE SS – Who’ll Survive EP

Details: Another reissue of great classic Swedish HC/Punk crust!!
Contains six blasting tracks unique, aggressive and furious hardcore punk thrash with clear roots in Discharge, GBH, and UK punk in general, but also with obvious influence of Californian Crucifix. Raw sound, elaborated yet still straight forward riffs completed with angry English lyrics against arms race, capitalism, animal abuse or destruction of nature. If you wondering where did such bands like Masskontroll and Framtid get inspiration from, you should listen to this EP. Coming out after 28 years as a band-authorised official reissue, its whole layout sticks as close as possible to the original issue, including details as a message engraved into the runout groove or typing error on the label.

Price: 7 euro
Availability: mail us