Thursday, August 18, 2011

KROMOSOM/ISTERISMO - Hardcore Polluttion split EP

Details: Split 7 EP KROMOSOM (AU)/ISTERISMO(JP) for their Japan 2011.
Growing up to represent Japanese hardcore pun band
s Isterismo put mega noise core crusher crust! With their great mate brutal raw hardcore punk Kromosom.
KROMOSOM their 1st demo impressed to many Japanese raw punks who knows what raw is. They
ve big member changed than before. Yeap(ex-Pisschrist) converted to singer. Their brotherhood Penke (Bloody Hammer) joined as bass player and Cormy (Nuclear Death Terror) on guitar. More brutal sounds like total Scandinavian raw hc attack!! Theyre kind of hc punk melody maker sometimes catchy and melodies tone which is backed their long way hc punk life. These 3 songs were mastered by famous Tokyos Bowling Studio (NOISE ROOM) making more violent and intense sounds attack you! (HC SURVIVE)
Price: 7 euro
Availability: mail us