Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Details: Official reissue by this Norwegian SVART FRAMTID that has been release 27 years ago. Six explosive tracks of angry mid-paced punk with witty ideas, raw and wild vocals, yet still full of unobtrusively catchy and raging melodies that partially also constituted a trademark of the style of the SF members later bands: Kafka Process, So Much Hate etc. The lyrics on native tongue and the topics create a rough picture of the space-time of their origin: cold war and daily threat of nuclear conflict, billions wasted on armament, omnipresent influence on religion, shitty factory jobs and the future remains blacks! Comes in its original layout with elaborate poster-sleeve full of cut’n’paste graphics and apocalyptic drawing that only strengthen the feeling of desperation. This records represents the 1980’s in all their filth yet it is still incredibly up to date!

Price: 7 euro
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