Friday, August 5, 2011

DOOM - Doom From The Start LP

Details: Official repress of this classic album with demo.
(The Demos Album) 19 track vinyl repress by anti society records of this album that was originally released by vinyl japan in 1992. it features three demos recorded between 1987 and 1988 and sees crust legends doom at their rawest... and most untamed. 1st time back on LP and CD since 92, a rare comp of there 1st demos, of one the UK's most ripping crust gods, all so back on the road again, on the CD you get a rare 92 demo, with over 20,000 copies of Police Bastard 7inch sold,making this 7 inch one of the all time biggest crust 7 inches in the world. Side 1 - Demo 1 recorded Rich Bitch Studios 27/11/87 * Relief, Slave to convention and Fear of the future Demo 2 recorded Red Spot studios 27/11/87 * A dream to come true, Exploitation, Beat the boss, Obscenity, After the bomb and Terminal filth wimpcore killer Side 2 - Demo 3 recorded Phantom Zone studios 26/5/88 * Life-lock, A dream to come true, Circles, Black Monday, Sold out scene, Bury the debt (not the dead), Agree to differ, Diseased, Nazi die and Police bastard.
Price: 15 euro
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