Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SACRILEGE – Within The Propercy/Behind Realm Of Madness CD

Details: Two classic metal albums from Sacrilege all re-packaged on one CD. Formed 1984 in Birmingham, UK and initially started off as hardcore punk. They eventually changed to a more thrash metal sound on later albums while also incorporating doom metal influences. The band featured one of the finest extreme metal female vocalists Lynda Simpson (Tam). Other members included Damien Thompson (guitar), Tony May (bass) and Spikey T. Smith (drums).
They recorded three full length albums: Behind the Realms of Madness (1985), Within the Prophecy (1987), Turn Back Trilobite (1989). All showing confidence in a constantly evolving musical style.

Within The Prophecy: 1. Sight Of The Wise 2. The Captive 3. Winds Of Vengence 4. Spirit Cry 5. Flight Of The Nazgul 6. The Fear Within 7. Search Eternal.
Behind The Realms Of Madness: 8. Life Line 9. Shadow From Mordor 10. At Deaths Door 11. A Violation Of Something Sacred 12. The Closing Irony 13. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

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