Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GRIND SHAFT - Monolog and Dialog DGCD

Details: These bunch rules!! They are rockin’!! Opening tracks with instrumental variation, when hardcore punk band adding a blues harp in their song. Bit chaotic sometimes, feel like the music are all over the place. But I’m trying to understand their music, this is new to me. Since i’m a big fans of Japanese crust/noise that i’m put everything else on top of my list, i’m ignore other kind of weird punk music. These band prove that they are really put 200% effort to release this album. They are original, creative and artistic. Because of the guitar sounds too high I can’t really hear the other equipment they use in this album. In these recording the extra special equipment the use are key, didgeridoo, djembe and Japanese harp (I will google this equipment later on) Overall the CD are great if you looking for something new. This is soooo 2010!! And this is what we call progressive hardcore punk? Whatever we call this release are totally deadly!!! Comes with 3 panel digipack, 4 colour sleeve plus 12 pages booklet.

Price: 7 euro
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