Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EXTREME NOISE TERROR – Holocaust In Your Head/Filthkick/In It For Life CD

Details: Two outstanding Hardcore records re-packaged and re-issued on Golf Records! The trademark ENT noise terrorizing pummeling that has done well for this original UK band over the last fifteen years (which has included appearances on Top Of The Pops, records with the legendary dance act the KLF and more than one or two John Peel Sessions) is still there all helped along with Gian from CRADLE OF FILTH who has joined the band as a fully fledged card carrying member. The Terror machine rolls every onward…
In the world of crusty Discharge-clones, Extreme Noise Terror are the kings of Crust/Punk perversion. Their abrasive, dual voiced, grinding brutality will maim, pulverize, and destroy small animals and children, leaving a nuked-out wasteland in their wake. A Holocaust In Your Head features fifteen tracks of fast-paced, manic Crust-Core. Imagine putting Discharge and Napalm Death in a blender, drinking the mix, and spitting it in your grandma's face. Fifteen tracks of government overthrowing, animal loving, racist bashing, political as fuck Crust/Punk, all served up in pummeling doses.
Tracks taken from Holocaust In Your Head LP, split with Filthkick and In It For Life.


Holocaust In Your Head: Statement – Deceived – Take The Strain – Conned Thru Life – We The Helpless – Show Us You Care – Innocence To Ignorance – Use Your Mind – Murder – Another Nail In The Coffin – Raping The Earth – Bullshit Propaganda – If Your Only In It For The Music (S.O.D. Off!)

In It For Life: Intro (ENT) – In It For Life (ENT) – Subliminal (ENT) – Work For Never (ENT) – Punk: Fact Or Faction (ENT) – Cruelty To Carnivores (ENT) – Damaging Noises (ENT) – Crime Without A Name (Filthkick) – Between The Lines (Filthkick) – The Harder You Fall (Filthkick) – Cabin Fever 92°F (Filthkick) – No Going Back (Filthkick) – Celebration Of Good For Nothingness (Filthkick) – Brain Fry (Filthkick)
Price: 15 euro
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