Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FATUM – Skverna MC

Details: I've been waiting this package for and ages. Now the wait its over. Date shipped 28 August reach the BSR HQ on 28 November fuck sake!!
This is the first stench core band that I ever listen to. Its from Moscow!! Fuck yeah Moscow dude! Total 7 tracks of metal and punk mixed up together. Well yeah since they are stench core band the tape always reminds me of INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL and HELLSHOCK. With HELLHAMMER and BATHORY cover its prove this lads are into punk and metal. Great sound production. This tracks will soon on vinyl ad CD what I've heard. Comes with pro-printed cover and diy home dubbed tape. Limited 150 copy, we got only few instock.

Price: 4 euro
Availability: mail us