Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Details: Label release their own zine, comes with compilation CD. But sadly all interview in Japanese. Every bands has their own style. From crust, crasher crust noise, electronic hard, punk hardcore and so on. Bands consist; NATIONSTATE, URBAND HEAD RAW, JACK THE RIPPER, PROLETARIART, CONGA FURY, TIALA, FRENCH QUARTER, AMOUR, KRIEG, EEVEE, ATTEMPT, JOGA, NEMETONA and, ATOMIC THROAT. Good start if you not really familiar any of those bands, this is an introduction. I really quite enjoy the comp CD and a nice picture in the zine. The package comes in printed A4 size envelope, great quality black and white printed zine, 7 x 7 inch style sleeve CD comp. Must have!!
Price: 10 euro
Availability: mail us