Monday, March 2, 2009

WARTORN - Tainting Tomorrow With the Blood of Yesterday CD/LP

Details: The much anticipated second full length release from one of the most active DIY punk bands in existence. Contained herein are ten raging tracks of brutal hardcore with influences that range from 80's American hardcore, Scandinavian d-beat thrash, and modern crustcore, including their own unique take on classics from POISON IDEA and STATE OF FEAR. Four of these tracks were previously released in 2007 as the limited edition Prey for Salvation EP that sold out in a matter of days, the others are totally brand new but in the same style and production. As with all WARTORN releases to date, the cover is beautifully illustrated by Marald, who raises the bar on quality work once again.
Price: 11 euro LP(Gatefold + poster)
Availibility: mail us