Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Details: The North and the South of the Netherlands are sharing this piece of plastic with a double attack of grindcore filled with crust and hardcore outbursts. Dr. Doom from the North starts to stir you up with an instrumental uptempo crusty hardcore song before unleashing their modern grindcore assaults. To keep the songs grooving (that also means interesting) they often fill it up with a hardcore or stoner riff. In resemblance with the hysterical vocals of Eli the trademark in "Declaration of Disobedience" is a sharp noisecore riff that's the supply for the blast beats of drummer Joris. Actually the five songs on this split are pretty similar to the first EP of Dr. Doom. Early next year their first full length will be released, can't wait to hear in which direction that album will go.
Collision from the South takes you back to the time when crossover between fast hardcore, grindcore and metal was nothing more than normal. Six songs full throttle with even the Heideroosjes cover "Not in my Backyard" reconstructed to a Collision song. All the songs are a continuation of the previous album 'Roadkiller' so you know this is also straight in your face music in a new jacket. Nothing less, nothing more. Also from the South is Nabbe who took care of the artwork, he made a combination of snake skeletons and three human skulls that matches the two bands that play grindcore with a modern touch.
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