Sunday, March 15, 2009

DISASTERS - Smile Till You Die EP

Details: Powerfull punkrock with female vocals. The Disasters from Krefeld and Düsseldorf in Germany. Starting off when the second millennium went into its final round, they have shocked the unprepared ear since their first gig in October 2000. There their first demo-tape Mischief.Mayhem.Soap, which contains three songs, was recorded.
After having reduced from six to four members they recorded their second demo Ready To Destroy The World in the rehearsal room, which was received quite well everywhere. A total of 350 copies changed hands before The Disasters finally ventured into the studio in summer 2003 to record their debut-EP Smile Till You Die which was released in November on Campary Records.
Lots of shows made The Disasters get around all over Germany in a small car, meet people from around the globe and enjoy themselves a lot. On concerts with bands like D.O.A., Chelsea, Real McKenzies, The Revolvers or Duane Peters and The Hunns the audience mostly enjoyed them as well.
Price: 4 euro
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