Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Details: Political Hardcore/Punk, part of the Baltimore diaspora settled in Portland (for now)! For what it matters we are ex and current members of a//political nux vomica dawn treader wax and wane wake up on fire control and probably a couple other dozen projects. Some of us have been giving our heart to hardcore punk and radical ideas for over 15 years, its a powerful thing to not give up and to be able to still look around and find inspiration. Members in whatever capacities we can be are active making music, deconstructing male privilege, booking shows, wrapping our brains around white supremacist and assimilation culture (both as poc and as white identified), running labels, doing zines, organizing for immigrant rights and solidarity work for the revolution in mexico, involved with the Anarchist People Of Color movement, plotting travels around the world, doing the best we can to maintain sanity, and most of all with this project giving a shit about our friends, our community, and our scene. its time to take it all back from the upper crust! punk is more than music.
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: mail us