Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SLICKS - My House hold remedy 7”

Details: After hearing their split 7" with Konfrontation I knew I had to hear more from these high-speed rockers. Straight up in- your-face fast and obnoxious rock n' roll. Like Grinners vs. Poison Idea with some Electric Frankenstein licks still there from earlier recordings. Very alcohol-romantic lyrics, and other substances too for that matter, which suits the music phenomenally. With this 4-track 7" Slicks have gotten themselves a mandatory each-day-play at the Attack! HQ! And "Vanishing Point" and "Rama Lama Ramhorn" will probably be included on every car-comp.tape from now 'til eternity. Best punkrock n' roll band in the country right now!?" [Attackfanzine Krogh]
Price: 4 euro
Availibility: mail us