Friday, October 3, 2008


Details: Sandinista! was a band founded on the basis that whole hardcore punk thing is more than music and fashion. The band itself tried to exemplify that idea with their lifestyles and music. All band’s members (in case that line-up has changed few times) took part in or supported various groups including antifascist resistance, anarchist movement, Food Not Bombs and Animal Liberation. Also all members were strict vegans or vegetarians. Sandinista!’s lyrics deal with such issues as war, ecology, consumerism, society pressure and extinction of native breeds. Musically inspired by 90s heavier newschool hardcore (Unbroken, Undertow and “rather be dead” era Refused) and political hardcore bands like Econochrist, Catharsis and Tragedy Sandinista! tried to step away from punk hardcore standards creating their own vision and style.
Price: 7 euro
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