Saturday, October 25, 2008

DEPRIVED - Discography LP/CD

Details: Deprived is an anarcho-street punk band from the late 80's that came straight out of the rioting streets of Portland, OR. Fast hard-edge, political punk like Conflict, and Discharge. This was the band that started many of the great Portland anarcho-crust bands that we all have grown to love. The members in this band went on to play in other such bands like Masskontroll, Defiance, Resist, and Severed Head of State. The CD version of the release features 5 extra bonus trax not included on the LP. Both CD's and LP's come with a massive, fold out cover/poster other wise known as the "CRASS" style poster-covers.
Price: LP 10 euro, CD 8 euro
Availibility: mail first