Friday, October 3, 2008

LEBENDEN TOTEN 'State Laughter' Cassette

Details: PDX punk ‘blood drinker noise makers?discography on cassette. Destructing noise core punk! An unrepentant display of music ineptitude and lyrical disinterment!. Ex-member of ATROCIOUS MADNESS. Distort portland! Noisecore punk rulesThey sound like Japanese but actually from Portland, USA; featuring ex-member and members of Atrocious Madness (Frank and Chanel), Deathcharge, Hellshock, etc. so the band is like a Portland all-star project. If you like Jap legends Confuse or Gai mixed with classic UK82 noisemongers Disorder then this will be a classic. It is fully charged with agonising feedbacking mega-distort guitars (ala early JAMC) and a female singer going spazztix over the clattering explosive racket. You should be able to make up your minds by playing that track below.
Price: 4 euro
Availibility: mail us