Friday, October 3, 2008

RAW POWER "Still Screaming After 20 Years" CD

Details: RAW POWER ... Still screaming (after 20 years) "Mass-production-After the return of their album" Trust me, "the Italians have yet chosen MASS PROD out their new album. They cry not only for 20 years but much more they shout! 17 tracks of punk HxC fast (all titles revolve around 1mn30/2mn) always nasillarde with this voice and it seems to me that there are less solos than before, cool! The lyrics against the methods police, politicians, the HxC, friendship, treachery, unity, freedom and bars. There's also a resumption of "Territorial pissing" of NIRVANA ... I like less. Otherwise, all securities are really worth and cardboard. All this sponsored by Broke Clothing of course! (MASS PRODUCTIONS)
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: mail us