Friday, October 3, 2008

KUOLLEET KUKAT "Antologia 84-86/93-95" DBL CD

Details: This Double CD release. All studio recordings including first demo. 112 minutes of total punk/hardcore attack. Comes with 16 pages booklet with lyrics. Few copies left. Sold out from the label.

KUOLLEET KUKAT was a band with a long history. Some members of the band have been parts of legendary Finnish hardcore bands, such as KAAOS, RIISTETYT and TURUN TAUTI.
The band was formed in -84. At the beginning it was a 3-man-band. The musical direction of the band in those days has been descriped as post punk influenced by the style of the English post punk and anarcho bands of the 80's. It is worth to mention that KAAOS was still around at the same time. Jakke (vocals) and Nappi (bass) are those members of the band, who have been along right from the beginning. During the first two years line up changed a lot. Many people were around at that time (f.ex. a girl singer and a guy playing saxophone). The result of the activity of those days was only one 7" EP called "Isoveli valvoo" (in English something like "Big brother is watching on your back"). They recorded also a tape for a LP, which never came out, due to several reasons.It was, however, important for the Kuolleet Kukat of today that the tape was made. That is because of the release of some songs of that tape led to activity of Kuolleet Kukat today.After these two years the bands activity ceased, but not permanently. In -93 Fight Records said they would publish some songs from the tape.Before the end of the year a 7" EP called "Vallankumous" (In English "Revolution") was published. This occasion actually woke up the band to play again. Four mmembers of the band of 1986, asked me to join them so as to make a new start.The band decided to continue, not actually from the situation left behind, but to make much harder stuff. The only major change at the new beginning was when Toby couldn't continue with the band. He went back to play in Two Witches and Poika joined us to replace Toby.As a result from the new activity a 7" EP called "Kyynelkaasua" (In English "Teargas") was published after 6 months. During the autumn of -94 joined Luigi us to replace Poika (Luigi was a former guitarist of TURUN TAUTI).In the winter -95 Kuolleet Kukat finally published their first full lenght release, a CD called "Kansanmurha" (In English "Genocide"). These records and the reputation of the old times have given Kuolleet Kukat an oppotunity to make lots of gigs. Also, because the style in 90's was close to -82 style HC, not forgetting the KK old style, many young punks have liked Kuolleet Kukat very much. There has been about 50 gigs after the first gig in -93, including a very succesfull Eastern European tour (Spring -95).Kuolleet Kukat split up in December -95. One gig more was played in December -96. The End released an EP "Live at Tavastia" -96.The Drummer Juha died in Dec. -04 and band played one gig in his memorial festival in Sept. -05. Perttu from Riistetyt played drums on that show.Now band have played 1 gig more in Puntala Rock opening club 2006. That was totally last one.The singer and early guitarist Jakke died 29th Nov. 2007. He was 42 years old.We really miss you old friend!!!
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