Sunday, September 21, 2008

SUPERAPES - Animal Song LP

Details: Superapes are hardcore / crust with female vocals from Slovakia, ex- The Public.
The band Superapes from Cadca (Slovakia) started playing in autumn 2003, (the original name was Superape.X) after boys decided to quit 8 years of playing with The Public, and to start with some new project... with a different music style and thoughts. Ozon (drums), Gino (guitar) and Horak (bass) asked their friend Jazzman to play the keyboards. After a few gigs in this line up, the fifth element 17 years old Eva joined the band and started to sing. While the first songs were influenced a lot by The Public, the others are more punk, screamy, maybe emotional... the name of the band is thier own version of Hitler's "ubermensch.
Superapes quit playing in summer 2006 from personal reasons!!
Price: 8 euro
Availibility: mail us.