Sunday, September 21, 2008

DISKONTO - Diskontography - CD

Details: Diskonto have been at it since 1992 and have consistently released quality Records since. This is an early Diskonto Discography that includes tracks from the following releases: A Shattered Society 7, Silenced By Oppression 7, the Split w/ Frigora, More Power To The Cops 7, Split w/ Distjej, 3 tracks from the From Distortion To Hell Again Comp Cd, 3 Songs from the Swedish HC Comp Cd, 1 track from the Hungry, Lad? Compilation Ep, 19 tracks from their demo in 1994, 3 tracks from the Fucking Noise Terror Comp Cd and 3 previously unreleased songs….
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: mail us