Saturday, September 6, 2008


Details: 4:48 was the given title to the album, which is the time when the majority of people commit suicide. With a new band, and new fresh songs, there was an urge to let the sound freshen up. The act was soon in contact with Marcus Lundberg, the owner of BloodWork/SoundPark Studios i Norrköping, who was excited over the challenge of creating a new sound for Aktiv Dödshjälp. The album has a sound that makes the listener recognize the band. The music has developed into something new, and thanks to the new members, the band has been take to a whole new level, that weren’t possible before. The music is harder and more metal, but still has a base of crust in it. 4:48 is a record that will affect everyone that listens to it... it will knock the listener down in his shoes.
Price: 8 euro
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