Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Details: HUMAN COMPOST are a raging new crust band from Besancon, France. Musically they are metal-edged crust with ultra-fast riffing and gutturally growled vocal earning them well-deserved comparisons to DOOM, HIATUS and VISIONS OF WAR but with the metal-influences edge of the likes of early BOLT THROWER, ORDER OF THE VULTURE and HELLSHOCK. This LP contains twelve tracks which all have angry political lyrics in either French and English. The fact that the cover art is funny as hell also deserves a mention.
Formed in early june 2006, HUMAN COMPOST have already played some gigs in France, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. First LP 12 tracks of agressive French crust! Crust from hell!!
Price: 8 euro
Availibility: mail us