Sunday, April 10, 2011

ZOUNDS - The Curse of Zounds DBLP

Details: Zounds were part of England’s late-’70s/early-’80s Anarcho-punk scene; friends of Crass, they released their debut EP on the latter’s label (Crass Records). Though they released a number of EPs and singles, they only managed to put out one full-length album, The Curse of Zounds, before disbanding in 1982. This collection includes everything the band ever recorded, not only the album but all the EP tracks and singles as well. What becomes immediately apparent is Zounds’ musicality; while they were just as musically and politically uncompromising as Crass, et al., they had a lot more sonic strings to their bow than your average first-generation anarcho-punk outfit.
“More Trouble Coming Every Day” for example, is a full-on power-pop tune, complete with backing-vocal harmonies and melodic bass lines, while “True Love” and “Demystification” show a marked tendency toward ’60s garage psychedelia, sporting organ riffs straight out of Nuggets territory.
Sure, there are plenty of tough, taut punk tunes here, but even at their punkiest, Zounds displayed a tightness that suggested they could have continued to grow if they had stayed together longer.
Now, after a couple of Represses and Reissues, this new Double LP version is for the first time properly Remastered by Steve Lake at Ideal Studios (London) in 2007 and includes all Lyrics
There are 3 bonus Tracks on this version in form of the 2 Live recordings of “Fear” and “Wolves” (a never recorded song to this day previously released on the ultra rare “La Vache qui Rit” single) and the 2002 version of “Alone” from the Mc Libel 7”EP on Active / Rugger Bugger.
This double LP has 23 Tracks of all essential Zounds Releases ever made and comes in a heavy gatefold sleeve plus extra large poster insert.A joint release between ANTI SOCIETY RECORDS
Side (A):
1. War / Subvert
2. Can't Cheat Karma
3. Demystification
4. Great White Hunter
5. Fear
Side (B):
1. Did He Jump / The Unfree Child / My Mummy's Gone
2. Little Bit More
3. This Land
4. New Band
5. Dirty Squatters
Side (C):
1. Loads Of Noise
2. Target
3. Mr Disney
4. Dancing
5. True Love
6. More Trouble
Side (D):
1. Knife
2. Biafra
3. Not Me
4. Fear (Live)
5. Wolves (Live)
6. Alone

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