Saturday, April 23, 2011

BEHERIT - The Oath Of The Black Blood pic 12" + embroidery patch

Details: Brand new picture disc version with the original red logo and the tittle on the front and "Dawn Of Satan's Millennium" pentagram on the back. Glossy sleeve jacket!! If one could define what "kvlt" black metal was with one album, this would be it. Clocking in under a half hour, this short slab of blasphemy from these Finnish metal warriors is one of the most vile pieces of music I've heard in my life. Apparently this wasn't originally intented to be released by the band, as the first 6 tracks were a demo, and the tracks 7-10 were originally a 7" EP called "Dawn Of Satan's Millenium", I believe. The first six tracks are some of the best black metal tracks ever recorded. The production is horrible, you can't hear any riffs on initial listens, it just sounds like hrash noise recorded from the pits of hell; one of the reasons why this stuff is so great. If you can make it past the production and actually make out the guitar (this takes several listens to do), you'll find some really cool riffs in here. Though this music is very loosely played at high speed and has almost structure, the fact that it just sounds so dark makes up for it. Nuclear Holocausto grunts and vomits his way through these six tracks, as no other vocal style would be fitting. The later tracks are much mroe structured; you can actually hear what the band is doing, yet the riffs aren't nearly as atonal, and the band slows down a bit more. Still pretty good stuff, though I prefer the first 6 tracks to these. This record will obviously not appeal to everyone, even people within the black metal genre. But to anyone who likes their black metal raw, vile, and just pure evil, this album is a necessity. My only complaint about this album is that the mastering is all fucked up; the intro to "Metal Of Death", the song "Metal Of Death" it self, and "The Oath Of Black Blood" are all lumped into one track, and the outro is a separate track. Apparently this problem was corrected on a CD called "The Early Years" (or something like that), but I don't really feel like paying extra money for that, and besides, this album has one of the coolest covers and logos ever!"
Plus embroidery patch!!!
Price: 18 euro
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